M O D . f r e e b i e s
Posted 2/15/12 , edited 2/16/12
MOD . freebies
You can put all your freebies on 1 by 1 post.
instead of putting them all together. For the members who wants
to take a freebies please do it on COMMENT forum

DO NOT delete any other mods freebies posts!!!
Posted 2/15/12 , edited 2/16/12

~ You can take any freebies
~ Some will be late updating
~ The Profile Banner will be up late idk til March 12th.
~ If there is a blank with no texts. Just add your OWN text.

Anime Avatars { }

Alice in Wonderland

Non-Anime Avatars { 1 }

the GazettE ~ Reita

Banners { 1 }

Vocaloids ~ Luka & Miku

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