Instead of these filler episodes
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Posted 2/16/12 , edited 2/16/12
I think Studio Pierrot should make episodes of the past in the naruto universe like the founding of konoha or something like what they did with the kakashi gaiden episodes instead of these fillers episodes which are mostly boring.....what do you guys think?

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Posted 2/17/12 , edited 2/17/12
The kakashi gaiden episodes weren't fillers. They were actually in the manga. I like the idea, it would be great but eventually they would run out of ideas, and it may wreck the main story line, somehow.
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Posted 2/19/12 , edited 2/20/12
It would be nice i the filler was at least 1 long story or arc, kind of like the filler before Pain attacked Konoha. The filler after the Pain battle was just painful to get through.
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Posted 5/22/13 , edited 5/23/13
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