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A boredom cure for anime fans is all. Just match up your traits to see what happens.
~Month you were born on~

January: I killed
February: I slapped
March: I ran naked with
April: I jumped
May: I ate
June: I shot
July: I danced with
August: I raped
September: I kissed
October: I stabbed
November: I slept with
December: I glomped

~Day you were born on~

1. Inuyasha
2. Lucy/Nyu
3. Rosette Christopher
4. Suigintou
5. Kaname Kuran
6. Train Heartnet
7. Tenma Tsukamoto
8. Haruhi Fujioka
9. Daisuke Niwa
10. Soul Evans
11. C.C
12. Edward Elric
13. L
14. Lelouch Lamperouge
15. Amu Hinamori
16. Yuki Cross
17. Syaoran
18. Keiichi Maebara
19. Ichigo Kurosaki
20. Ciel Phantomhive
21. Shigure Sohma
22. Aya Mikage
23. Naruto
24. Sesshomaru
25. Haruhi Suzumiya
26. Sebastian Michaelis
27. Taiga Aisaka
28. Allen Walker
29. Misaki Ayuzawa
30. Yoko Littner
31. Oz Bazarius/Vessalius

~Favorite Color~

Red: because Grell Sutcliff is my lover
Pink: because I’m kinky like that
Purple: because insanity is fun
Green: because Big bird told me too
Grey: because I know kung-fu. . . And fifty other dangerous words
Brown: because I’m on crack
Blue: because a hoe stole my taco
Turquoise: because I was chasing a leprechaun
Yellow: because Aliens experimented on me
White: because I pwn you
Black: because the voices told me too
Violet: because a dog pissed on my lawn
Orange: because I’m a kitty!
Maroon: because I’m a good girl
Rainbow: because hippies kidnapped me in the middle of the night
None of the above: because I’m a big kid now
Post your results!
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Lets see,
My friend killed lelouche Lamperouge because insanity is fun!
And my mom killed naruto because well...the voices told her to!
Last but not least,I slept with ciel phantomhive because I'm kinky that way..

As for what I think of this I say someone had to kill naruto eventually,and to my friend, HOW COULD YOU!!!!!
And that is about it for an example,just post your own and if you like what your friends response would be.
Posted 2/17/12 , edited 2/17/12
i killed everyone grom school days hahah
Posted 2/17/12 , edited 2/17/12
I slapped Yuki Cross because Grell Sutcliff is my lover. LOL
Posted 2/17/12 , edited 2/17/12
i kissed kaito from vacaloid
Posted 3/23/12 , edited 3/24/12
i jumped yuki cross cause she ate my cookies
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