Post Reply Haruna and Ai
Posted 2/18/12 , edited 2/19/12

Iikubo: Takahashi Ai-san, congratulations on your graduation. I just joined Morning Musume as a 10th generation member and since yesterday, I always kept my eyes on Ai-san on stage. I really believe that I am very fortunate to join Morning Musume with Ai-san as leader. It was only two days, but I am really proud of these two days. Would you call me by my first name, "Haruna"? (Note: Calling someone by their first name indicates a closeness that's more reserved for family and close friends)

Takahashi: ...Haruna? (softly, as if to verify her name)

Iikubo: Yes, it's Haruna.

Takahashi: Haruna!

Iikubo: Thank you! I love you!

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