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The story starts with Ichigo, she was an ordinary girl until she was infused with DNA with that of the Iriomote wild cat. She's 12 years old and has a monster crush on Masaya-kun, the most hottest boy in school.

After Ichigo fought her first predasite and transformed into Mew Ichigo Ryou took her back to Cafe Mew Mew and explained her new "job" to her as a mew mew. Her mew mew mark is printed on her left inner thigh. Her slogan : For the earth's future i will be of sevice nya. She was given R2000 and she named him Minnie Mew.

She had to find the rest of the four girls.

The first girl she found was Mint the Blue Lorikeet. Her mew mark is printed on her back. She fought her first predasite along with Ichigo. Mint does ballet. She has an older brother named Surgio and her parents are never around. She is also very rich.

Then Ichigo and Mint found Lettuce the Black Finless Porpois. Her mew mark rests in the middle of her upper chest. They found Lettuce wondering her school. That was also the first time Ichigo saw site of a cinolclon though she thought it was a predasite. Lettuce is quite shy.

That was the time Kisshu kissed Ichigo.

After some battles together and some troubles with Kisshu and trying to keep her mew identity a secret form Masaya-kun she found Pudding the Golden Tamarin Lion Monkey, but it was more like Pudding found her.

She was a street performer trying to make money to take care of her 4 brothers and sister. She's very energetic.

The girls were doing fine and still fighting of Kisshu when a mysterious supper girl was spotted, it wasn't one of them and that's when they knew it was the 5th mew mew.

Mint immediately regonized the mysterious super girl as the famous idol Zakuro the Grey wolf and the girls set out to find her.

Zakuro didn't want to work in the team at first, but she found out that her mew instinct kicks in when ever a team mate is in danger and so she decided to join. Zakuro's family is never mentioned or talked about in the beginning.

Little did the mews know that the whole fight was being broadcasted live on the air.

Masaya saw the girls, but didn't think much of it. Masaya was adopted and tried to be the best he can be and he really cares about the inviroment.

That was the day the people knew about the mew mews. Kisshu talked to his master Deep Blue who felt that he was dissapointing them with not having taken care of the mew mews yet so he sent reinforcements Tart and Pai to help him out.

This is when the real action begun.

Kisshu started developing feelings for ichigo. Masaya also confessed that he loves Ichigo.

Masaya is the Blue Knight who was born out of the desire to protect Ichigo. Masaya was originally put on earth because he was there to infiltrate it till the time was right for Deep Blue to resurface, but Masaya became his own person thus he is not Deep Blue.

Lettuce is the first to obtain mew aqua and she gains a mermaid tail. Ichigo is the second to obtain mew aqua and she recieves a new weapon the Strawberry Sceptre.

Ichigo and Masaya gradually become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Pudding and Tart start liking each other though Tart denies that he has feelings for Pudding.

Lettuce starts havving feelings for Rou and he feels the same way.

Even though ichigo also starts liking Kisshu she loves Masaya more and only cares for Kisshu as a friend.

In the end after Masaya turned into Deep Blue, Ichigo vows to fight even though she is heart broken. She wants to fight for the planet that Masaya loved so much thus she will fight against Deep Blue.

Masaya's spirit holds Deep Blue back for Ichigo to finish him off and in the proses Masaya dies as well. Ichigo gave all her power to save Masaya with one kiss. The was no battle left anymore and the mews powers dissapeared.

Ichigo died giving her life for him. After that Masaya kissed Ichigo and the last bit of mew aqua inside of him brought her back to life. The cynoclons left earth and took the mew aqua Ryou had left to restore their planet.

After that the mews found out that their powers were not completely gone.

There will be a follow up of Tokyo Mew mew called Tokyo Mew Mew a La Mode.

a New character arrives her name is Berri and she will become a mew who has two DNA's of endangered animals infused with her cat and a rabbit. She has rabbit ears and a cat's tail.

and that concludes the information on Tokyo Mew Mew if you have any questions feel free to ask that is what this forum is for after all, I hope the information helped!!
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