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Posted 2/19/12 , edited 2/19/12

A must Respect

-No Powerplay/God-Modding. You cannot win every fight
-You cannot control other people's characters, unless they approve so
-Respect the higher ups
-Cussing is allowed, but limit it
-RP PG-13, Ecchi is allowed.. LIMIT IT. If you want to RP even higher then that, proceed to Inbox
-No fights if it isn't RP, don't bring personal in this group
-Have fun
-Don't be rude to other people, UNLESS it is roleplay (but roleplay in the correct forums)
-If you have any questions, Inbox the Creator JinNikki-
-Respect the rules

- 1st Warning;; Nothing major, you will have a warning.
- 2nd Warning;; We will let you off the hook, but behave, we will warn you again.
-3rd Warning;; Suspended from RP and chatting for 3 days.
-4th Warning;; Banned from the group for 1 week.
-5th Warning;; Banned from the group, if you wish to return to this group after your 5th warning, write an excuse letter to the creator.

Roleplay Methods;;
-Method 1;; Dialogue ex-
RPer1 : Hi! *walks up to RPer2*

RPer2: Hey, whatsup?

Not the greatest method of RP, but it is acceptable.

-Method 2;; Short Story ex-
RPer3 is walking around.
"What a long day.." He/She sighed.

HIGHLY recomended

-Method 3;; Detailed Story ex-
RPer4 was walking around, he/she is gently kicking rocks out of boredom. He/She slowly lifts his/her head as he/she notices RPer5. He/She runs up to RPer5.
"Hey there!" He/She says to RPer5 with a huge grin on her face.

This RP method is good too, also highly recomended! Either Method 2 or 3 is what I think is good.

Bad RP examples;;

Hi, how are you. Rper6 saying to Rper7. I'm fine.
This method is bad because you don't know when the text starts and ends.

Hi my name is Rper8, what are you doing?
Where did the person come from? What is she doing? There is NO DETAIL.. ONLY TEXT.
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