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Posted 2/19/12 , edited 2/19/12


1. What is your special skill?
Flower arrangement. Playing eye tag. Stomach growling.
2. Hobbies?
Reading. Shopping.
3. Nickname?
It’s Harunan.
4. How do you not lose to anyone? (In what way are you unbeatable?)
I’m incredibly positive.
5. Favorite foods?
Ramen. Chocolate.
6. Your favorite motto?
[Literally] One day, a hundred virtues.
7. Favorite phrase?
Hard work always rewards.
8. Favorite color?
Pink. Black. Red. Orange. Light blue.
9. What’s the pride of your hometown?
It’s full of nature, and even if you’re a stranger or a neighbor, you’ll be greeted. [Sorry if it sounds unnatural, I had some trouble figuring out how to phrase this in English.]
10. What are your thoughts on being selected as a 10th generation member?
I was full of an unbelievable feeling. However, now that I’ve become [a member], I’ll do my best to act responsibly! Please treat me well.

[Note: Haruna ends all of her replies with ‘desu’, which is just a polite way to end a sentence. Most of the other girls use more casual speech or omit it completely, so I thought it was worth noting. It doesn’t change the English meaning at all, though, so you can’t hear the formality of her answers in my translation, unfortunately. I thought it was pretty charming.]

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