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Moderator Applications 2012
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F / g r a v e y a r d
Posted 8/13/12 , edited 8/14/12



age. 15

are you willing to help the creator and head mods? how?
of course I am willing. I can and if all possible carry out all their tasks.
keep the group updated, i mean with forums and wall post...
I would like also to give out awards for contests winners or consolation prices
I am very good in spamming with a cause...

Position you want to be:
somewhere in critique but preferably in awards team
Will you post comments, upload photos and maintain order in the forums?
of course

Will you be polite and be fair when criticizing artworks & no favoritism?
of course

How many hours do you stay online?
just very few on weekdays and maybe entire day on weekends

Example of artworks:

Head Moderator
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24 / F / Denmark
Posted 9/22/12 , edited 9/22/12
Moderator Applications are closed. I will be getting on the other applicants soon so don't worry^^ You can apply maybe next year again if you didn't got a chance to. Any applications below this post is not included and will be ignored.
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