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Your fear/s
Posted 2/21/12 , edited 2/21/12
I fear Alex, Kinko, Maiden, Vega, Minnesootan, sound, and Frandoll. All so abnormal and weird. I am scared they might try to sabotage me.
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Posted 2/21/12 , edited 2/21/12

agira wrote:

So i know you've probably read it here before. But what i want to know isn't what scared you when you were little or some kind of phobia. I want to know what scares RIGHT NOW; it's most likely a situation or a thought. Maybe an example would help, so i'll give mine: I'M SCARED OF BEING FORGOTTEN WHEN I DIE!! Death is scary enough, so the thought of everybody moving on just scares me. I know it sounds selfish and i don't care. I want everyone to think that I mattered (even if i'm sure i don't ) because they love me and remember me.

P.S: I'LL HAVE NO PROBLEM HAUNTING THOSE WHO FORGOT...if it's a duplicate, once again feel free to delete it!!!!


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