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Post Reply altought uc show share the same timeline their consept and animation are different
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Geoxile wrote:

My point is the GM III is FAR SUPERIOR, I seriously can't believe you can't put it together >_> I pointed out several superiorities of the GM III and inferiorities of the GMC II and GM Custom. The Powered GM got nothing good, it was a prototype unit that got pwned in like the first or 2nd episodes, never seen again. GMC-II a unit of 2 supporting characters, too bad it SUCKED. Wait

WTF I wasn't even talking to you, I was talking to Uni.

Plus, the reasons for superiority in some units like GM Custom to GM II is explained. GM Customs were very high performance machines, so only limited numbers were made, even then by Zeta the Titans had the GM Qual, superior to the Custom but made in lesser numbers than GM IIs because the GM IIs were easily upgraded from normal GMs while the GM Qual and Custom had to be scratch built.

And don't give me that damn mad face >_>

hey i was trying to say is that not so advance ms look alot cooler and more realistic you know that on other
prequal show are like that like kenshin were the prequal is more realistic than the comedic tv version
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