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Guild Wars 2
Posted 2/21/12 , edited 2/22/12
I had been lukewarm about GW2, up until recently. Now, I am actually kinda psyched.


Here's the main reason: Open, flexible World vs. World PvP with 3 opposing forces and level balancing.

The next is ditching the class "trinity" system (no more looking for a healer or tank for hours), as well as providing overflow servers (no more queues!), so you can team up and play, right away.

TL;DR watch this video...

They recently began closed beta testing. People are posting about content in droves, and it sounds fantastic.

Anybody doing the beta?

EDIT: A big thanks to AHTL for fixing the thread title! :3

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Posted 2/21/12 , edited 2/21/12
Posted 2/21/12 , edited 2/21/12
ANet need to hurry the fuck up and release this already. Been waiting for 3 years now, and although it was worth the wait my patience ran out long ago.

Looking forward to World PvP and playing without instances, should feel much more like an MMO than GW did.

Decided on a race or profession yet?
Posted 2/21/12 , edited 2/22/12
I went Necromancer for GW 1.. . Maybe I'll do that again, or try a Mesmer.
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Posted 3/12/12 , edited 3/12/12
I think Mesmer is the most lacklust profession in GW2. Consider Ranger (due to seek and revive and lick wounds), elementalist (due to attunments) or warrior (Banners, artwork and hounds of Balz).
Following Totalbiscuit and yogscast.. Though the vids so far do not refelect the actually gameplay.. Very static and you can see that they were n a hurry and did not discover alle the fine utilizations and the dodge/dynamic fight system.
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Posted 3/29/12 , edited 3/29/12
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Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
i can't wait to play guild wars 2 i alrdy bought the DDE so im waiting to get into the next beta phase also im working on making a guild for gw2 if u want to join or some details send me a message. iv been waiting for this game for years and gw1 was my frist mmo experiance i still get on occasionaly to play sumtimes and still enjoy myself with the ss rit and the daggers warrior
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/27/12

Wish I could share more, but I will say that my guild is definitely in the recruitment phase for Guild Wars 2.

UPDATE: First OBT is starting tomorrow, 4/27. Our guild will be playing on Sorrow's Furnace.

I really enjoyed playing in the CBT, cannot say enough good things about it. It's pretty intuitive, easy to read and follow instructions. Quests aren't on any linear path per se, and the public quests are very straightforward. You can't tell from one hour to the next who has control of the various keeps in the WvWvW area. The PvP instances weren't varied (there were two maps that were alternated), but perhaps there will be more to them later on. The animated chat scenes were pretty cute.
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Posted 4/26/12 , edited 4/27/12
I am massively stoked for this game! Cool races, great classes and a beautiful art direction. Plus all the interworkings of it like story specific character development, Quests that affact the world in a way that everyone will feel (Like a bridge being blown up and no one using it anymore) Open world and versus world PVP on a grand scale beyond anything in gaming.

This game is very impressive! And coming off of playing the first GW as a Mesmer i was so psyched when they announced the class.

I'm feeling Norn Mesmer >:)
Posted 4/27/12 , edited 4/27/12
The game is now sold out for open beta!

Also, you may find this helpful, if you're playing in it:

Beta Weekend Event Survival Guide | Guild Wars 2

ArtyomDnB wrote:

I'm feeling Norn Mesmer >:)

Actually, Mesmers are probably the one class who can ruin a Necro's day. Everyone whining about an OP Necromancer? Call a Mesmer!

I played a human Necro during CBT, I will play a Norn for OBT.
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Posted 5/2/12 , edited 5/3/12
Mesmer isn't actually that anti-caster badass anymore but is still a fantastic class! I played up to level 27 elementalist during open beta. It was so much fun and I can hardly wait for next beta weekend. It was a pain in the ass getting in the same group as friends due to the overflow servers but once we all did, we played our eyes dry.
Posted 5/11/12 , edited 5/31/12
Stress test on Monday 5/14 was fun, albeit brief. LOL

5/30 EDIT: Next beta weekend event will begin on 6/8.

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Posted 6/26/12 , edited 6/26/12
Next stress test this week - tommorow actually wednesday 10am to 2pm! If your looking for a guild and live in Australia or New Zealand check out Resonance at We have just joined an alliance with Team Legacy and already have a strong presence for an oceanic guild. We are a very active and friendly guild, please apply on our site.
Posted 6/28/12 , edited 6/28/12
It's official!

Guild Wars 2: Get Ready
Posted 7/2/12 , edited 7/2/12
Looks like a lot of fun. I might end my long time mmo hiatus and give this one a try. Even if i don't like it in the long run, joining in on the launch is always a fun time.
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