[2012~KMovie] Dancing Queen
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Movie: Dancing Queen
Revised romanization: Daensing Kwin
Hangul: 댄싱퀸
Director: Lee Suk-Hoon
Writer: Lee Suk-Hoon
Producer: Kim Nam-Soo
Release Date: January 18, 2012
Runtime: 124 min.
Production Company: JK Film
Distributor: CJ E&M
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Jung-Hwa (Uhm Jung-Hwa) has supported her husband Jung-Min (Hwang Jung-Min) and child until he passed his bar exam at the age of 35. Years later, Jung-Min has opened his own small law office, but their financial situation hasn't improved very much. Jung-Hwa still teaches aerobics at a gym. She loves to sing and dance.

One night, Jung-Min is drunk and waiting for a subway train. Another man, that is even more drunk, falls onto the train tracks. People gather around, but they don't know what to do. Jung-Min also looks down at the helpless man and then is accidentally pushed onto the train tracks himself. Right before the subway train arrives, Jung-Min is able to pull the other man and himself to safety. The next morning, Jung-Min answers his door and is surprised to see a throng of reporters outside wanting to interview him.

Meanwhile, Jung-Hwa's best friend & hair stylist Myung-Ae (Ra Mi-Ran) decides to participate on the TV music talent show "Super Star K." While they talk about the audition, Jung-Hwa sees her husband on TV.

Jung-Min's popularity soon soars as he is thought of as a good samaritan. He begins to appear on TV shows and even on advertisements. Jung-Min is then chosen to run as a candidate for the upcoming city mayoral election.

Jung-Hwa and Myung-Ae take part in the auditions for TV show "Super Star K," but do not make it pass the preliminary stage. Then, Jung-Hwa's old acquaintance Han-Wi (Lee Han-Wi) spots a TV clip of Jung-Hwa's audition on Super Star K. Han-Wi works for a talent agency and is putting together a female group. Han-Wi then contacts Jung-Hwa and asks if she wants to join the "Dancing Queens".


Hwang Jung-Min as Hwang Jung-Min

Uhm Jung-Hwa as Uhm Jung-Hwa

Jung Sung-Hwa as Jong-Chan

Ra Mi-Ran as Myung-Ae

Lee Han-Wi as Han-Wi

Oh Na-Ra as Ra-Ri

Choi Woo-Ri as Rinda

Ah-Rong as Eve

Lee Dae-Yeon as Pil-Je

Jeong Gyu-Su as Myung-Goo

Lee Hyo-Ri as Superstar K judge

Additional Cast Members:
Seo Dong-Won - Jung-Chul
Park Sa-Rang - Yeon-Woo
Lee A-Rin - Dorothy
Park A-Rong - Eve
Yeo Moo-Young - Political party leader
Park Jung-Min
Seong Byeong-Suk - Jung-Hwa's mother
Kwon Byeong-Kil - Jung-Hwa's father
Kim Young-Sun - Jung-Min's mom (flashback)
Ma Dong-Seok - Gay couple (cameo)
Jo Dal-Hwan - Manager (cameo)

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