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Anyone got a vita?
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Posted 4/26/12 , edited 4/26/12
Bought one just for Persona 4 the golden. Only setup my psn on it so far.
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Posted 4/28/12 , edited 4/29/12
I bought the collector's edition where I got mine a week earlier than the regular preorders :b
I really like Little Deviants, even though it came bundled with my package, it's really fun. Other than that, I really enjoy Uncharted so far, but it isn't really my cup of tea because I'm more into the fantasy type games. I also got BlazBlue, but I've never played the series before, and I don't play fighting games much so it's kind of refreshing as well as it is challenging.
I'm really interested in Gravity Rush so far, but I'd love to get the japanese version to avoid bad english dub. I wouldn't have much of a problem since I've taken japanese, but imports are so expensive, I wish there was just an option to have it all in Japanese with the english version.

Many people complain about how expensive the PS Vita is and how they want it for so much cheaper, but they just can't see that there's just so much packed into the Vita. I actually thought the vita was going to be the price of the latest iPad, and when I found out it's real price, I was astonished.
People have no problem paying for smartphones factory unlocked all the time, and that's practically double the Vita's price, so I can't see why people are seeing the Vita's price as a drawback.
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