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Hi folks! as a long time Battlefield player i thought id write down some tips and observations that might help you to improve your scores and enjoyment of the game in general.
High end players may not find this as usefull,but new players might find a nugget of gold here to use :)

I play Conquest mode on BF3,so these observations are primarily from that mode-but they should transfer across most modes in the game.
First of all lets start with the Engineer class (my personal favourite),and onr of the strongest classes to use.

**Remember Battlefield is a TEAM game...its not a lone wolf C.O.D the objectives,use teamwork and youll get on well***

. MINES- i dont see that many people using mines and those that i have seen are not used very well.
Mines are a GREAT way of getting some serious points during a match..blow up a tank with two people inside,a humvee with four,or an apc with six?..BIG points on offer so use them!!
The best way to use mines is to not just plonk them down and hope someone will run over them..out in the open their just a waste.What you have to do is look a the choke points on the map and lay your mines accordingly.
For example: On the NOSHAHR CANAL canal map there are lots of areas to lay mines and get easy kills.

EXAMPLES: To the left of the flag at ALPHA,under the bridge in the dark.
The slope leading down to BRAVO..very hard to spot mines in the dirt
The waterline of any of the entry ramps coming from the USA side
The dirt road approachs to and from CHARLIE
The BEST one is the train track above ALPHA-there is a gap in the trains where the Russians ALWAYS come charging through and if you put THREE mines up here you are going to get a kill easily.
Just keep relaying your mines and youll keep getting those kills.

Remember..choke points-areas the enemy HAS to come through,place your mines in DARK patches,debris on roads..make it even harder to spot them!

Some high end players will not always fall for these tricks..but generally,people just do not watch where their driving..and then BOOM!! 300+points thankyou very much.

As an engineer mines are THE best investment you can make.

REPAIR TOOL-A great tool for repairing vehicles (obviously!!) and getting some points.
A useful item if you like driving around in an armoured vehicle and get damaged as you can find shelter and fix yourself. You can even help a friendly tank survive a tank duel by repairing them as they fight.
.Enemy vehicles can be destroyed by repair tools too,and enemy personel can be killed by them!

Personally id rather take mines,you can have one or the other..not both.If you have to run a repair tool?..spawn first with mines,lay them down then next time you spawn take your tools-this maximises your points potential as mines will get you more points by far.

RPG or JAVELIIN-If you take rpgs than with the squad explosive perk you can take nine of them,Javelin is four i believe. Rpgs are usefull for anti-vehicle,anti personel and blowing up pretty much anything!
Javelins are ONLY usefull against vehicles. If you have a sniper teammate with the SOFLAM laser designator then the Jav can shoot down any aircraft with horrific ease!! Also the javelin has a lock on period that takes a few seconds and can often lose you a kill or even get you killed!
When you fire the javelin,as it locks on and just before you fire..aim up,then fire..this means the rocket SHOULD hit the enemy vehicle on the top where the armour is weakest.
Personally i stick to RPGs..their quicker to use,you can carry more and you can kill enemy troops hiding in buildings etc.
I f shooting a rocket at distant enemies..dont fire at them directly..aim towards the floor around them..this will kill them or heavily damage them with splash damage.

STINGERS-Not as easy to use as they used to be..hardly used at all in most games ive been on.
The trick is to get the lock on a low to medium height aircraft,some will fire flares..most will wait for your rocket.
Thats fine..shoot,then reload..your reload,relock and fire time is QUICKER than their flare reload time,so unless they take evasive action..then your second missiles will hit and hopefully kill,or damage the vehicle.It can take up to three or four rockets to do this..its not easy,but its very satisfying.This is also where the Javelin/Soflam combo is good. Deny the skies to the enemy,and help out your team immeasurably!

Weaponary wise with the engineer you have a lot of great rifles and submachine gun options..really up to you.
At the moment i take the M4A1 with an acog scope..its quick firing and loading,accurate and i can get long range kills with it or win those short range quickdraws as you come around corners etc!
I also feel that the GLOCK 18 automatic pistol is best too..its extremely rapid fire and has saved me countless times..i use nothing else now.

One more thing to remeber as an engineer..ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure you or someone on your squad takes the squad explosives maxs out how many rockets etc that you can carry..9 RPGS? yes thanks!

Overall i think the engineer is THE best class to use..BIG points are ripe for the taking!

ASSAULT CLASS-Medical tips
.First and most important...chuck out those med packs everwhere you go!!! seriously good points wasted if you dont,and it helps your team out!
.Secondly is reviving teammates....THINK before you do the area clear or safe,is there cover etc as theres nothing more irritating then being brought back to life only to die again as your out in the open.
If you do revive them safely..chuck out a med pack!!!! helps them heal quicker and points for you. I rarely see this happen..use your med packs!!!!

As for the weapons to take etc?..your choice..just remember..your the squad/team can get you big points,and respect if you take care of the team and help them survive.

.As with the med pack..chuck out ammo packs everywhere that your team is,near flags,choke points etc..points for you,and everyone needs ammo..especially engineers and with their rockets.

C4- Ahh good old C4..great for setting up booby traps on objectives and choke points..or even known camping spots.Great for killing vehicles too..just hope they dont have the vehicle proximity perk as they will see you coming!!

Support class has lots of great weapons too,the choice is yours..quick firing smgs,or slower heavier machine guns.
Whatever weapon you use,its worth thinking about taking the squad suppresion perk-especially if you have a machine gun like the m240B or the M249..the added effect of that perk can really cripple the other sides abbility to shoot back,or even move effectively.

RECON- are NOT vassily zaitsev ok?..your not the lone elite sniper hero,you are there to spot enemies,gather intel and of course shoot folks.
Use the MAV as it was spot the enemy,help out the team or even place it on the ground to act a s a sensor!
.Make use of your motion sensor to block of approachs to your positions..stopping any untimely deaths,and keeping your dog tags around your neck!

Weapons wise again,its up to you..just remember your there to help the team,your NOT a sniper..clues in the title-RECON.I rarely use this class as it pretty weak compared to the others.High end players can get some good kills with them,but youll never make as many points up as with the other classes ,and camping out and sniping will make you the most hated player-and most hunted on the map.

If you HAVE to try and be the international sniper?..shoot then RELOCATE!!!!!..DONT DONT DONT stay in one place..ive lost count of the amount of snipers who think youl ljust forget about them..we wont,i go out of my way to get these types and have sooo many of their tags because of it.

Thats about it for now..hopefully you can take something from this and it will help you out!

Happy gaming,and see you on the battlefield ;)

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