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Jessica: Jay your back from work!
Jay: Yes Baby I am, You missed me?
Jessica: Ohw Baby of course i missed you, you look so exhausted no JJnite today?
Jay: hahaha i worked hard hun, no of course we gun have a JJnite (: no worries so stop bitchin around.
Jessica: Ohw than no probleeem, w w whut did chu say? i bitch around?
Jay: Yes you bitch around why so serious?
Jessica: ohw no nothinnn *le tears*
Jay: Baby did i say sumthin wrong? dun get me wrong you knoe i love our JJnites (: *le touches her face*
Jessica: *with a smile on her face* really? you enjoy the JJnites?
Jay: Of Course, So Do you?
Jessica: YES *__* *doin le sexy things, whispers dirty things*
Jay: Sicca You knoe i do love you so much *touches le ass hugs*
Jessica: I do love you too baby me and you forever <3 INFINITEU (:
Jay: *on le bed* *starts kssin* *starts touchin* ASDFGHJK *__*
Jessica: *next morning* *touches le abs* jay it was biutiful .
Jay: Your so Good hun (: next time ima gun seduce you okay?!
Jessica: Whutevuur u want baby (: dun forget about the autograph (: u knoe where (:
Jay: hahah i won't *doin le autogr.*

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Jay: *writing lyrics for new album*
Jessica: *comes into the room with a mug hotchoco* *place it on the table where jay works*
Jay: *looks up* hey babe thanks *winks*
Jessica: yeah yeah jsut drink it before it gets cold *ice glare*
Jay: don't ya worry bout that
Jessica: *turns around to walk away*
Jay: *hold jessica's wrist and turns her back to make her sit on his lap* where are you going?
Jessica: *blushes* i was going to practice my vocals
Jay: oh really? *does touchy things to jessica*
Jessica: *gulp* yes...
Jay: i can make you train your vocals baby, which one pitch is the one you have to deal with?
Jessica: the high pitch
Jay: i can make it happen *touch touch*
Jessica: no jay you need to write your lyrics right now is not the right time
Jay: but i want you right now
Jessica: no! *try to go away*
Jay: *following jessica and lift her up, carry her to the bedroom*
Jessica: if you don't let me go bad things will happen mr. park! *laughs*
Jay: wel i can't wait *pervert smile*
Jessica: *pout full of aegyo*
Jay: put jessica gently on bed*

-meanwhile;; going oinkboink // bed rocks like no tomorrow-
2 hours later

Jay: you owe me another round i made you scream the high pitch you couldnt do before
Jessica: tch in your dreamz *icequeen*
Jay: YAH!
Jessica: see you later sexy boy
*leaving jay all alone with only his pink socks in bed*
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