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Top 11 mangas you think people should read
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36 / M / California, USA
Posted 6/26/12 , edited 6/26/12
In no particular order

Ongoing Series
One Piece
Hunter x Hunter
Hajime No Ippo
The World God Only Knows
Cage of Eden

Completed Series
20th Century Boys and 21st Century Boys
Midori No Hibi
Rurouni Kenshin

Any Mitsuru Adachi manga

There are probably others I'd interchange with the ones on this list but these are the ones that come to mind now.
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24 / M / Sweden
Posted 6/27/12 , edited 6/27/12
AKB49: Renai Kinshi lourei (Cool and interesting)
Air Gear (awesome!)
Akumetsu (Holy Fu!)
Wolf Guy: Ookami No Monshou (Holy Fu!)
Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist (Cool)
Berserk (Legend in my eyes)
Dragon Zakura (Awesome in its own way)
Full Metal Panic! (good)
Onani Master Kurosawa (easily On my top 5)
Vagabond (Seams to be good)
Usagi Drop (Awesome)
Posted 6/27/12 , edited 6/28/12
one piece
black lagoon
sayonara zetsubou sensei
welcome to the nhk
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24 / F
Posted 6/27/12 , edited 6/28/12
Ok, so after some VERY painful eliminations I think I finally got my list….
1. D. Gray man ( One of the best ongoing manga in my opinion , when a new chapter came out I literally jumped off my couch and ran around the room like an idiot)
2. Kuroko No Basuke (I first looked the manga series up after my obsession with ep.1 and I’ve even started a fanfic on it too!)
3. Kuroshitsuji (The art is amazing along with the most intriguing arcs, I absolutely LOVE this one)
4. Pandora Hearts (This is such a good manga when it comes to plot, twist, and angst!)
5. Witch Hunter (Absolutely got hooked on this by the 5th chapter)
6.Defense Devil (I love the characters and the twists and turns in this!)
7.Undertaker Riddle (I got hooked on the characters, plot, and it even has very small hints shonen ai)
8.Mother Keeper ( It really is a tearjerker and has a very good plot)
9.Are You Alice? (It really plays with the characters mind, as well as your own and it’ll have your head turning in every direction with these twists!)
10.En Passent (It’s a short series but it has action, mystery, comedy, school, the supernatural and it’ll have you crying tears of joy at the end!)
11.Makai Ouji-Devils and Realists (Not only is the main character a noble with the highest grades in his class, but he can also communicate with demons!)
d is ongoing
d is a MUST read

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Posted 7/14/12 , edited 7/14/12
Skip Beat
Marmalade Boy
Kodomo no omocha
Detective Conan
Welcome to the NHK
Atashi wa bambi
Haruhi Suzumiya
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29 / M
Posted 7/14/12 , edited 7/14/12
Zen Martial Arts Academy
Hajime No Ippo
The Breaker
The God Of High School
Eyeshield 21
Akame Ga Kiru
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47 / M
Posted 7/14/12 , edited 7/15/12
Surprised that no one has mentioned Yotsubato (aka Yotsuba&!). Probably the funniest manga I've ever read.
Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/17/12
Just some of my favorites (: must read ones
I put labels them in categories..

1. Naruto-action,comedy,&adventure

2. Blue exorcist-action&comedy

3. No.6-Sci fi& hints of BL

4. Nisekoi-School love & mystery

5. Deathnote-Mystery,Adventure,&violence

6. Shugo Chara-adventure&comedy

7. Freezing-action,sci-fi,ecchi

8. Full metal alchemist-action&comedy

9. The One-mystery

10. Elfin Lied-mystery&violence

11. Kingdom Hearts-Sci-fi,mystery,comedy,&action

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24 / F / Nowhere
Posted 7/17/12 , edited 7/18/12
11 mangas? what a pain I have to eliminate some of my fav mangas. But finally I got 11 titles, list is not in order.

1. Vagabond
Wanna see Miyamoto Musashi as a rebel youngster? This is about Musashi's journey to become the invincible under heaven. This manga has a lot of great quotes and philosophy about life.

2. Beelzebub
I can't stop laughing when I read this manga. It's about a school thug that have to raise a demon king's child. The baby is absolutely cute but have an extraordinary power.

3. Slam Dunk
Really entertaining manga. Good sense of humor, great plot, interesting characters, and good graphic. But the ending is kinda rushed. Doesn't matter. I love this manga. Highly recomended!

4. Flower of Evil (manhwa)
The story is about a twin (boy and girl), who used to do things that behave like a couple. So this manhwa has incest story (if you don't like incest story or mentally not ready, don't read this). It really is a psycho, tragic, and mental-abusing manhwa.

5. Death Note
You know? About a genius honor student who found a death god's death note and use it to clean up the world from the criminals. Anyone whose name is written in that book will die within 60 seconds. And you can decide how the victim dead.

6. Yanki-kun to Megane-chan
Really funny manga about an ex-delinquent student who wants to be a honor student. But she can't really achieve that title because of her stupidity.

7. Fuan no Tane (and Fuan no Tane Plus)
Some horror story in a manga. It contains a really short story (about 3-5 pages each) but quite thrilling. Mostly about daily strangeness we rarely to notice and Japanese folk horror story.

8. Let Dai
A good and different shounen-ai story. Not cliche, good plot, complicated conflict, and I love it.

9. Ao Haru Ride
A sweet romance story about a girl and a boy who like each other, but got seprated due the boy's family problem. Finally they meet again in high school. And some feelings aren't the same anymore.

10. Cat Street
A romance story about an ex-artist who trying to move on after her best friend betrayed her. She meets some unique people in a cool school and be friends with them. And a love triangle story will follow. Not cliche love story for me.

11. Hideout
A lot of disturbing scene. About a writer who have a broken family, and wanted to kill his annyoing wife. When they wanted to start a "new beginning", they stucked in a weird cave, and everything will never be the same after that. A short horror story.

Red: ongoing
Green: completed
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34 / M / NY
Posted 7/17/12 , edited 7/17/12
So many titles.... I'm too lazy to list 11 so here are 3 excellent ones:

≡ Black Jack

≡ Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

≡ Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
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30 / M / USA
Posted 7/18/12 , edited 7/18/12
My top 11 are as follows (not in any particular order, and most are still ongoing):

These are GREAT for a good laugh!
1.) Lucky * Star (Pure moe and ADORABLE, as well!) -Unfortunately, the English release of this series has been cancelled with the downfall of BANDAI Entertainment in North America... The first 8 volumes are out, however, and they're DEFINITELY worth reading! And, of course, the series is still ongoing in Japan for those of you who can read Japanese. Volume 9 was released at the end of last year.-
2.) K-ON! (Again, pure more and adorable...) -First part of the series is complete and has been released in North America...-
3.) GinTama (Also a good action series...)

And these are my shounen action series of choice! (Sure, most of them may be completely mainstream, but popular series are popular for a reason, right ?...
6.) Rurouni Kenshin -COMPLETED-
7.) Beelzebub (Can also be good for a laugh, as well...)
8.) Fullmetal Alchemist -COMPLETED-
9.) InuYasha -COMPLETED-

10.) Usagi Drop -Bunny Drop- (A more realistic type of story that's also incredibly cute!) -Completed, but not yet fully released in North America...-
11.) Gin no Saji -Silver Spoon- (Basically, more along the lines of a slice-of-life comedy... Good for a laugh.)
Posted 8/15/12 , edited 8/16/12
1.akame ga kiru
4.Watashi ni xx Shinasai!
5.medaka box
6.code breaker
7.witch hunter
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F / North Cali
Posted 8/17/12 , edited 8/17/12
Initial D
Ghost in the Shell (not SAC, just Ghost in the Shell. Only 2 volumes out so far).
Battle Royale
Eternal Sabbath
Skip Beat
Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star (Original manga that the anime and Cowboy Bebop manga was based off of).
Black Lagoon
GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
Black Butler
Fullmetal Alchemist
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30 / F
Posted 9/12/12 , edited 9/12/12
Dragon Ball
One Piece
Death Note
Sailor Moon
Full Metal Alchemist
Detective Conan
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Love Hina
Deadman Wonderland
Posted 9/12/12 , edited 9/12/12

One piece

Bleach ( only the rukia rescue arc. bleach starts good but ends bad)


Cowboy bepop


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