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Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/20/08
Sasuke remembers Itachi's words after the clan massacre, concerning the true purpose of their Doujutsu and the three remaining Sharingan users. Sasuke demands to know who the third individual is so he can kill him. Itachi ponders why. Sasuke explains how the third person must not have been killed and have actually helped with the massacre. Itachi acknowledges Sasuke's surmise and states that man is Uchiha Madara. Sasuke then remembers the Kyuubi's words. Itachi states Madara was a village founder and the first Mangekyou Sharingan user. Sasuke yells that's impossible, as he would be long dead. Itachi retorts he can't make Sasuke believe and Sasuke says he's tired of the lies. Itachi explains that truth is relative to the individual but their reality may not correct. That goes for how Sasuke refuses to believe Madara is alive and how he saw Itachi as a caring older brother when they were young. Sasuke remembers their time growing up and offers that he was so little then; he could not believe that horrible reality was true. However, it did happen and his eyes see the truth now including this Genjutsu. Suddenly Sasuke turns from the chair to hurl Chidori towards another reclining Itachi. Itachi says that's typical behavior, yelling and making threats, of course this time he might be able to back them up. Sasuke asks if this means he's done playing. Itachi says Sasuke still doesn't have the same eyes as he, ignoring his previous command to meet again only when they share the same eyes. Sasuke yells for him to try his Mangekyou against him now, or is his capacity now too much? Zetsu emerges from a wall and comments that the two brothers haven't moved an inch, carrying out their fight in Genjutsu so far. Itachi explains that the moment Mangekyou awakens, the journey into darkness begins. Sasuke asks him to explain and Itachi states that with every use a Mangekyou user's eyesight diminishes. Sasuke offers that in exchange for controlling the Kyuubi, one will go blind. Itachi is impressed that Sasuke actually read the scrolls in the clan's secret shrine. Itachi rises and walks towards Sasuke, who in turn asks who Madara is. Itachi states Madara is the only man to tame the Kyuubi. The man who acted as his personal mentor and accomplice. The only man to learn the Sharingan's final secret. The invincible immortal, that is Uchiha Madara...

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