Shinji's Deal of the Day, Code Geass R2 Region Problem
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Posted 2/25/12 , edited 2/26/12
I wrote this recently in the comments of the deal's page, and just thought why don't I go ahead and post it in the forums too.

I was so happy to see this deal come up, because buying from my store of choice for the country I am in would be more than twice as expensive. Thank you, Crunchyroll!
However, I am living in a Region 2 area with a Macbook with a dvd drive that is almost impossible to make region free nor do I wish to attempt to do so. Of course, you can try using a program such as Handbrake to rip the dvd out of the region, but that can cause quality problems and because the laws allowing a owner to make a back-up copy of their video purchases have changed over the years that is not fully legal in some countries (anymore) apparently.

This is an old problem for me, since I have relatives living in Region 1 areas who have unwittingly sent me some Region 1 dvds, which have long been sitting unused. After some digging I have found a solution that works for me and doesn't break any laws I am aware of in the countries I tend to stay in.

-Buy an external dvd drive. Where I am they are available between 25 and 30 euros with tv-connectivity, too!
-Plug it in and change the region settings to Region 1. This can be done simply by popping in a Region 1 dvd and following the prompting your computer gives you.

And you are good to go! I currently do not have a tv. However, for those that do or are planning to in the future, some external dvd drives are capable of connecting to a tv, sans using your computer's tv-out card. Not all of them are, so be sure to check before buying!
These can be connected to televisions with a usb port. If you have an older tv, I am guessing you could connect it by using a female to female usb adapter and a usb to rca cable, but don't quote me on that. I've never tried it and am not sure if it would work and work well.

Of course, there are many (legal) solutions to the region encoding problem, such as buying a multi-region dvd player for your tv. However, this one works for me in my area, since it is affordable, works with my macbook, and will potentially work with a tv as well; should I ever get one.
Posted 2/25/12 , edited 2/26/12
You've solved your own issues, and this thread has been very informative to me.

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