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Posted 2/26/12 , edited 2/27/12
you guys make new types of sweet combos XD and rate the one above you:D
Posted 2/26/12 , edited 2/27/12
Ill start a big iceream bowl filled with cookies XD
Posted 2/26/12 , edited 2/27/12
Rate: 10,000!!! Creation: Christmas tree made of cupcakes and decorated with candy canes, cookies, tinsel made of candy floss, lights made out of gummies, you get the picture XD
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Posted 2/26/12 , edited 2/27/12
100,100 !!~
-holds breath-
a triple scope ice cream with each different flavors with sprinkles and chocolate powder on top filled with strawberry slices and lime too deshu and filled with caramel drizzle and on top with tropical fruits that are verri sweet dechu !!~
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1000,0000 OMG that is just OMG O.O *drools* lol
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Posted 2/28/12 , edited 2/28/12
I thought this was a request thread.

but ....

I like banana split with them vanilla icecream and some strawberries with chocolate dipping on top.
Posted 2/28/12 , edited 2/29/12
10,000 just ate that yesterday and if someone can creat this then they some epic genius XD
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