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Posted 2/27/12 , edited 2/28/12
Hey guys,

We've added some more episodes for 1000 Kisses, Love Cheer and Twinkle Twinkle
Premium members have access to ALL episodes* while free users can watch 4-5 episodes/week.

- 1000 Kisses #41-44
- Twinkle Twinkle #46-54
- Love Cheer #17-36


A Thousand Kissses is a new romantic family drama. This drama portrays the differences in older woman-younger man and younger woman-older man relationship. A single mother with young son falls in love with a man younger than her. Her sister, who has a cheerful and optimistic personality, falls in love with a man much older than her.

After six years of marriage... Jae-mi was tricked by her husband into signing divorce papers. This drama is a story of her comeback after rebounding from a divorce! Jae-mi is a perfectionist or at least tries to be one. After her father whom she was very close with had an affair, which resulted in a divorce that shattered the family, she became wary of smart men. So she married Jung-soo who was not so bright. With her strong support, Jung-soo was able to make his restaurant business a success and he couldn’t have done it without Jae-mi. As their financial situation improves, her husband buys her three round-trip plane tickets to a tropical island as a wedding anniversary gift and tells her to have fun with her mom and aunt. Jae-mi had no idea that the trip was part of a plan by her husband to break up their marriage...

This story follows Han Jung Won, who builds up a considerable amount of wealth without the help of her family. However, she is about to face a number of setbacks due to someone's mistake.

*Titles are available in the U.S. and Canada.
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