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Hello! We will be telling everyone our personalities, age, full name, location, food, day routines, favorite flying animal, favorite ground animal, and favorite book.

We hope you'll tell us more information about you!
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Full name: Hiromi Yukina
Real Age: 11
Crunchyroll Age: 14
Location: The Core of the Lost Asteroid
Favorite Food: Meat and Milk
Day Routines(in order): 9:00am Wake up and make my bed. 9:05am Go downstairs and eat. 10:30am Go upstairs and dress up. 11:00am Read 2:00pm Eat lunch 2:30pm Computer 5:00pm Dress in PJ's 5:05pm Eat supper 6:30pm Draw 7:30pm Play my piano 8:00 Get my bed ready 8:05pm Read manga 9:00pm Sleep
Favorite Flying Animal: Eagle
Favorite Ground Animal: Crocodile
Favorite Manga: Pandora Hearts
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Name: Hailey Placek
Crunchyroll Age: 111
Race: Filipino
Location: Texas
Favorite color: Orange & Lime Green
Favorite foods: Japenese-Sushi / Korean-Korean BBQ / American-Cheeseburger / Italian-Alfredo Pasta / Mexican-TACOS! =D / Filipino-Dinoguan (Fried meat that is brown and it makes it look like chocolate. In USA it's known as "Chocolate Meat".) / Indian-Spicy Curry
How my life goes: Eat. Live. Sleep. Simple as that =)
Favorite Animal(s): Pandas, Koalas, Dogs, and Girs ;DD
Hobby: Cooking. It's really all i do actully. Whenever i cook, i feel relaxed and calm. =)
Favorite type of cake: Red Velvet with cream cheese icing! *-*
Oreintation: STRAIGHT AS A LINE.
Gender: (Really? xD) Female
Any other important info: I love to hang out with friends. Also, make people happy.
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Full name: Shin Jooyeon
Real Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, Caring, Can Act Childish, Hyper, Depressed (Sometimes)
Sexual Orientation: Bi - 90% Guys 10% Girls Lol > / / <
Location: England
Favorite Food: BBQ Pizza, Curry, Spicy Noodles, Jelly Beans, Pocky, Baileys Chocolate, Cookies x3
My Daily Life Routine: Get Up, Excersize, Eat, Go On Laptop, Check CR, Listen To Music, Look For A Job, Sing, Draw, Blah Blah Blah, Eat And Go To Sleep Lololz xD
My Favourite Animals: Dolphins, Penguins, Dogs, Pandas, Parrots
Favourite Anime: Kyo Kara Maoh, Ouran, Clannad, Vampire Knight
Favourite Bands: U-Kiss, SNSD, Super Junior, Trax, CN.Blue, 2NE1
Favourite Songs, The Boys, Oh!, RunDevilRun, Gee, Mistake, Neverland, Tick Tack, Forbidden Love, Shared Dreams, Mr Simple, Ugly, Don't Cry, Uwaah I Have So Many More Lol
Hobbies: Drawing Anime, Singing, Making GFX

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Full name: Aoihara Yuki
Real Age: 11
Crunchyroll Age: 14
Location: Bubble Planet
Favorite Food: Chocolate, Banana and Milk
Day Routines(in order): Live your life in random ways
Favorite Flying Animal: Falcon
Favorite Ground Animal: Rabbit
Favorite Manga: i am here!
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M / with rumpel and d...
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location-with my love
favorite food-pizza,stewberry,icecream
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