Why are today's mainstream bands such tools?
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Posted 2/28/12 , edited 2/28/12
Omg I just know this topic is going to stir controversy @[email protected] But someone's gotta say it!

Just to clarify, this post only covers Jpop, Kpop and some Tpop. (...Taiwan pop? Did I even write that right?) The "some" is due to the credit of Jay Chou, who actually composes and writes his own music and is damn good at it too.

Yes, I get it. Asian music is just so fun to listen to-- who doesn't love fun techno and beaty tunes that anyone can just groove on the dance floor to?

But what Im frustrated about is-- WHERE'S THE ORIGINALITY? What happened to the "soul" of the music? Seriously... these days ever popular bands such as NewS, SNSD, Super Junior, and so forth., all seem to sing about the same things (romance, love, being flirty, blah blah blah... and only rarely do they sing about some thing else and the song reaches popularity (ex. Mr.Simple))...they don't even write their own music! They don't even come up with their own dance moves! And perhaps worst of all, they don't get to choose their own performance outfits! By this point Im not surprised at the rumors that most of their income goes to their entertainment company, cause it just seems like their company plans everything for them!

The other day I was watching a video called "Kids react to: Kpop"

When told of how the Korean bands Girls Generation, Super Junior and 2ne1 were put together (via entertainment companies) one girl replied: "If I even liked one of them (the band members) I would pretty much be liking the person that trained them".

So my question to you guys are: why are these "puppet bands" so popular in Asia? Do you care whether or not the pop group you like wrote their own song and/ or choreographed their own dance sequences? Or do you disagree with this post and think that they are totes original?

ps. you can check out the kids react video here (I'm not paid for this advertisement! Lol):

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