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Posted 2/28/12 , edited 2/28/12
What do you get if you combine the following?

Yep, you guessed it,three essential ingredients in making a Hong Kong crime film...or game!

What once started out as 'TRUE CRIME:HONG KONG' the third in the true crime series has re-emerged from development hell ( after being dumped by Activision ) as 'SLEEPING DOGS' and is to be published by Square Enix.

Most Hong Kong crime film fans will be well aquainted with the basic premise of the game.
The main charachter is an undercover cop ( Wei Shen) infiltrating a Triad gang and treading the narrow line between doing his job and trying not to be drawn deeper into the criminal underworld.

The developers-United Front Games- look to my eyes,to be doing a good job so far.
The demo footage thats been shown is fast,fluid and downright brutal!
The violence is realistic and in keeping with the crime film source material,not to mention the great gritty look that the game has.
So far the gaming press that have been lucky enough to play it have really enjoyed it. They've commented on the differences between shooting,fighting,and driving..each aspect having a strong feel to them,and making the whole experience deeper as befits a game like this.
There will be waterborne driving elements,bikes and car chases just like in the movies-indeed some of the development team come from 'The Need For Speed' the racing side of things should be good.

Probably the main star of the show,besides Wei Shen,is of course the amazing city of Hong Kong.
The developers have commented on how hard they've worked to make each area of the city feel alive,each with its particular atmospheric nuances..wether the night markets or the more upmarket business districts.
Though the city isnt going to be as huge as something like in the GTA games,it should have a look and feel that only the packed streets of Hong Kong can.

Im a huge fan of Hong kong cinema..especially films like Election,Hard Boiled,Infernal Affairs..basically what this game is made up off..pure 100% uncut Hong Kong action,and with an involving story to boot.
The game is looking great and the released footage is excellent...hopefully it will buck the trend of past 'TRUE CRIME' games and prove to be a decent game,and pay back Square Enixs faith in the developers.

As always..time will tell,but until then im going to channel my inner Chow Yun Fat and watch 'A better Tomorrow' and 'Hard Boiled' just one more time..


A few pics for your delectation..

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