Posted 2/28/12 , edited 2/28/12
I'll try not to make too many of these and hopefully you don't feel I'm asking too much. This is my first time trying to do this so I may add or take away some rules as I go along. ^^ Thanks.

(1) NO SEXUAL PROFANITY - This RPG is rated strictly PG ('cause there's PG in, not that clever.) There will be no cybering unless you choose to take your side ventures to PM, and it's like in Vegas or whatever where you keep that shit there and act like it never happened >_> I also don't want to see any filthy pictures as your avatar or in the photo album. Any people I see trying to break that rule will be punished immediately. And not in a sexy way.

(2) BE RESPECTFUL - I don't want to see anyone harassing anyone else. Don't spam the GB or forum (don't post more than once on the forum before anyone else speaks, or I will delete any posts after the first,) don't repetitively quote someone with stupid, useless remarks, etc. No chain letters. If you have questions, please PM me versus making a thread for it. I'm trying to keep the forum organized. Basically, act like a kind and civilized human being and we should have no issues with that. : )

(3) Try to HAVE FUN - K, not really a rule..but please try. XD

Now's the fun part: everyone gets three chances here.
The first time I catch you doing something, you will receive a warning.
The second time will result in a temporary ban.
The third time you will be banned permanently.

I cannot be held responsible for anyone who refuses to read and obey these rules, so I thank you for taking the time. That's the first step. : p Again - if you have ANY QUESTIONS, feel free to speak with me. I will be more than happy to help you. PEACE.

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