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Okay, sho I was inspired by Yumeiro Patissiere - deshu~~~
Post who your Spirit(s) would be!!!!!!!!
Limit of 2 per person and no they cannot be ones from the anime X3
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Here's mine to give y'all the concept

Specialty: Bitter Sweets
Personality: Blunt, kinda Bossy, but very caring
Appearance: long, dark brown hair, cream eyes, dark red/cream/brown dress, standard wings, spoon

Specialty: Sweet Sweets
Personality: Sweet, Kind, Ditzy, Naive, and trustworthy
Appearance: Curly, cream hair, brown eyes, pink/cream dress, wings, spoon
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Specialty: suuper sweets (weealy sweet T p T)
Personality: clumsy, energetic, absent-minded, very kind desh !
Appearance: pink-ish orange hair (bit curly) tied in 2 high ponytails, pink and cotton blue dress, pink eyes, yellow wings, and white spoon !~

Specialty: cold, icy sweets <- not sweet tho . . .
Personality: cold (cruel), serious, emotionless (mostly), independant
Appearance: yellow medium hair with tied low pony-tails, light blue eyes, and blue with white lace dress !~ (includes white wings with spoon)

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I said only 2 puri~ ^.^' and usually Sweets Spirits have names associated with their specialty i.e. Vanilla specializes in Vanilla, Cafe is Coffee, Caramel is Caramel, Chocolat is Chocolate (Chocolat is french for Chocolate), Honey is Honey, Marron is Chestnuts (same concept marron is french for chestnuts), so on and so forth. Amer is French for Bitter so she specializes in Bitter Sweets and Bonbon is french for Sweet, therefore Sweet Sweets. Just for the factoral POV X3
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I am no good at this RP thing but I will try.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream
abilities: makes things cold and delicious and like mint chocolate chip

Abilities: - make everything look like big brown delicious phallic symbols

and that is about all the effort I am willing to give this
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That's not exactly Sweets Spriits but okay ^.^
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