Posted 2/29/12 , edited 2/29/12
You MUST respect these rules.

- Respect these rules
- No fighting except in Roleplay
- Don't include personal in this, this is a group to Roleplay and Have Fun, not to cause trouble
- Respect other members and the higher ups
- If your not going to roleplay and is only going to take space then don't join
- Have fun
- Cussing is allowed, but limit it and put stars '*'
- PG13- Please, no Hentai or Intense Yaoi and Yuri


-1st Warning ;; Nothing major, but you will be warned.
-2nd Warning ;; You are given a last chance and will be warned.
-3rd Warning ;; You will be postponed and you cannot Roleplay for 3 days
-4th and Final Warning ;; You will be suspended and banned from the group.

Rules will be updated often so please pay a visit once and a while ^o^
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