Post Reply What embarrasses/humiliates you?
Posted 2/29/12 , edited 3/1/12
I'm sure that everyone has something that they get embarrassed of~
(i.e. Pants Falling, Your Short Pinkie, Small Ear, or just some experiences you've had)
Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/1/12
the most embarrasing is someone who has a crush on me
Posted 3/1/12 , edited 3/2/12
I get embarrassed when people try to praise me xD I get all shy because I can feel all those eyes staring at me D:
Posted 4/3/12 , edited 4/4/12
i was so embarrassed when i had to ask the hot office depot guy if i could use his pen, i sorta stalk him
Posted 4/5/12 , edited 4/5/12
Picture taking embarrasses me. Even if I'm the one taking the picture~~
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