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Posted 2/29/12 , edited 3/1/12
What is something that you have seen or done that you think is really funny or silly?
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idiot people can be funny too
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Zeta986 wrote:

idiot people can be funny too

LOL So true! xD
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today i hit my head on a truck it hurt alot
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An old man was following me and my little cousin at Walmart o_o
I thought he needed to pass us, so I smiled at him and let him pass,
then he said,"Oh, so it's your turn to stare at my a** now?"
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omg how freaky lol
one time i was chasing my friend n tripped on the carpet n faceplanted into a porch swing, for some reason it didnt even leave a scratch n i was like "IM INVINCIBLE!"
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Hahaha I know right? xP

Wow that's so cool xD Did it hurt though? :/

One day, Dora knocked on my doorbell to go trick or treating. o_o
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not rlly lol
did u give her candy?
a dog tried to hump my leg, i had to beat him off with a stick
Posted 4/6/12 , edited 4/6/12

And yes I had to because her parents were there
Posted 4/6/12 , edited 4/7/12
dnt u hate when ppl wlk in on u while ur using the bathroom? that seems to happen to me often "_"
Posted 4/9/12 , edited 4/9/12
one of my cousins(female) walked in on my brother while he was about to get out of the shower HAHAHA
He forgot to lock the door while the guests were here
Posted 4/9/12 , edited 4/10/12
lol omg i bet that was embarrasing
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