roleplay ; wonderland
Posted 3/3/12 , edited 3/3/12


"Welcome to Wonderland, and I, Chesire Cat with be your host."

To your surprise you fall into a hole. It could be a hole that you fall through or a hole you land it, come out, and see your in a different place. It could be anyhole. Or it could be that you see a rabbit follow it and lead to a tree. A tree with a hole at the bottom. Its big enough for you so you get in and slide down. Possibly it could be a door you find, a rose garden you end up in or just plain ol' anything. Make it your story and no one elses. Have fun.

Importance;; As I, understand. I haven't given chance to let someone become Chesire. For that,
I will allow, more than just one of any character. But as to your knowledge, I as being Chesire and
by the Red Queen's throne. I am most powerful.
Other importance. You do not have to be one of the "Alice in Wonderland" characters. You could be
your own creative character.
Reminder, you cannot kill peope, you can injure, and I, myself, can send people to Wonderland Jail
if things with them are getting out of hand.
F.y.i. You may have guns, bows n arrows, swords, abilities, etc.
I only allow {computers}..
Any questions..? Feel free to ask..
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