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character that you wish would just die!
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Posted 1/20/08 , edited 1/20/08

chibi-prince wrote:

For me it would probley be
Shampoo (ranma 1/2)
she annoys me to death!
kikyo (Inuyasha)
just hate her

how dare u say such a thing!!!!!!!!!!! ugh..shes the star. lol but who i wish dies. weak characters.. agian im pretty new at anime.
crillian from dbz.. everyone cept the super sayins. everyone else juss gets beat up. lol and is really annoying..

ooo... yea. and those characters that take 5 eps to beat a guy b/c they never give up. and who arent the stars of the show. but i agree w/ the upper post. about that chick who killed tersa.... oo yea. saya. i wish she would juss die. lol haha shes from blood +. if uve seen the entire anime ull know.

didi from dex lab
arthur from arthur ( the aardvark) busters cool. but arthur is a pussy. lol stupid rational lil punk. lol

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Posted 1/20/08 , edited 1/20/08
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