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-Headmaster Laven
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Ability levels are 1-5. Only teachers may have ability level 2-4. Level 5's are the headmaster and a select few only.
Please understand we do not want any overpowered characters here and there and read the rules if you don't mind.
-Headmaster Laven

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Name: Minori (truth) Sumiko (clear/pure child)
Age: 13
Gender: female
Student or Teacher?: student
Race (Must be human based): human
Personality: sweet quiet feminine shy book-lover
Ability(Only 1, please add description to what you can do): telepathic (can read other peoples thoughts or comminicate to them mentally)
Level (Every Char starts at lvl 1 except Teachers): level 1
Other: has an amulet givento her from her mother the same colour as minori's eyes. It has been passed on from generation to generation.
Biographie (Cannot be Unknown):
Minori's parents died in a "car accident". That is what her adoptive parents claim, thinking she was too young to remember any details. But Minori remembers her family fleeing their home town in search for a new beginning. Her mother, like Minori was telepathic and this, as well as her precious amulet(now owned by Minori) was the reason Minori's parents were killed. Minori remembers the people chasing her family hunting them down, and now they're still out to get her. Minori's adoptive abusive parents hate her but Minori is trying to make the best out of her harsh life. With her pale hair and dark eyes, the people around her always thought she was odd, adding to that, her personality of being quiet and keeping to herself makes it even worse. Now Minori wants to have a new beginning so she enrolls in Skeelz academy. She hopes that the people who murdered her parents will not find her at the academy. Minori knows it will be hard to settle into a new environment and prefers being invisible but she hopes that this will finally be the place she can call "home"...

Likes and Dislikes (Optional): likes: animals and sweets dislikes: people who judge others on appearance only
Habits (Good and Bad, with or without the ability): fiddles with her amulet when nervous

Picture (In spoiler or open at the front with form in spoiler):

Nickname: Shiro (White)
Race: rabbit
Gender: Female
Owner: minori
Bio (How did the Owner get it):
Minori found Shiro after the car accident where her parents died. Mimori had stumbled out of the car Covered in cuts and gashes and fainted. She was awoken by Shiro who had found her and who tried to pull her away from the engulfing flames of the car.

It's purpose? (What does it do for it's Owner):
Shiro is Minori's only friend. since Minori is telepathic she can communicate with anything. Shiro is not only Minori's best friend but acts like a guard, protecting Minori from those who wish harm upon her.

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