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Posted 3/4/12 , edited 4/6/12
Classe's go by what your Ability is, it is basicly a Student Ranking if you would say;

Rank SS - Veteran
Laven Yoruichi (Level 5) [JinNikki-]

Rank S - Mastered Ability

Rank A - Under Great Progress

Rank B - Stable Ability
Rosette Gremory (Level 1) [amulet-amu2]
Sairus (Level 1) [JinNikki-]
Undine Mihaili ( Level 1 - Rank B ) [Tesoro]

Rank C - Useful Ability
Akane Hideyoshi (Level 1) [JinNikki-]
Sulpicia Rainsworth (Level 1)[Porcelain]
Aiko Marx (Level 1) [Valentina]
Miyuki (Level 1) [FadedLife]
Kirisaki Hariyu ( Level 1 - Rank C) [puuchi]
Gravail Costache (Level 1 - Rank C) [Tesoro]

Rank D - In Training Ability

Rank E- Dangerous/Unstable Ability

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