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Posted 3/4/12 , edited 3/5/12

Uno! Please create at least one female and male character! Remember, these characters don't have to be misfits! But that doesn't mean you come into this school the best in your field. We are going to try to make this as real as possible! Remember, you are trying to debut, not be a misfit! That means have good and bad relationships! Please have crushes as well! Roleplay with both male and female characters equally!
Dos! Try to keep it clean. Limit the cussing unless your character is pissed off. That also means limit the blood and gore. But what that doesn't mean is not to pull huge stunts, like dropping flower pots on people or throwing eggs! Make sure to pull some pranks!
Tres! Quote people please and make sure to conceal those quotes in spoilers! Another 'grammar' rule to keep these forums looking pretty is to spell out the words! Please re-frame from using u, i, w.e and other shorten words I can't think of now.
Cuatro! Please try to be descriptive and avoid one liners! Write this like a story! Which means to right in third person, past tense as well! Here is a example: She walked alone, thinking about what had just happened.
Cinco! Have fun and make sure to invite your friends! Just one more rule...when we have showcases you'll be judge on the uniqueness of the video your 'character is performing'. That doesn't mean it has to be unknown, just mind blowing.

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