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The Onigiri - Issue 2

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Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/16/07

Issue 2 (So long it needs 2 posts!)

Welcome to the second issue! We’ve had more time to work on this one, despite everyone going on exciting holidays, so I hope you’ll like the changes!
All the good responses to the first issue really motivated us! Suggestions were taken note of and some have been worked on! ^-^
I hope you like this issue! Comments on pieces are loved and any suggestions will be read! Feel free to come and chat to the staff in the lounge aswell! Although, be warned; members have joined the chat only to find out they are cyber pregnant or married! We’re slightly mad ^-^


This issue is even longer! No need to be scared off though! Just use this contents to work out what particular parts you want to read. Perhaps a section every now and again? ^-^
Sometimes you will need to press 'next' to get to the correct section- these numbers appear a few times before on some! ^-^

01 – Featured Media: Drama, Anime, Music
02 – Reviews: Snow White, Letters from Iwo Jima, KU-TYU-BUNKAI, To Piece, Magnetic North, Dead Rising; When Zombies Cry, Tales of Symphonia
03 – Articles: Iran’s Nuclear Program, Human Ignorance, Dating 101 Chapter 1, The American Health Care System, From Haruhi to Konata - Why people enjoy Lucky Star, Horoscopes
04 – Interviews: Mushroomjay and Basoukazuma
05 – Art
06 – Puzzles: Sudoku, Wordsearch, Spot the Difference, Crossword, Brainteaser, Riddles


This section is a great way to find something new to watch! Especially now that most of us are on holiday- we finally have time to start new shows! The Featured staff will recommend a mixture of well known and unappreciated media so you should be able to find something new you like! ^-^

Vineyard Man
Reason For Feature:
Every moment of it is funny. Yoon Eun Hye portrays her role very well, since this was considered her second major role after the infamous Goong (AKA Princess Hours). Some moments are extremely funny which will end up giving you a belly ache.

One Litre of Tears
Reason For Feature:
A very sad drama so I recommend a lot of tissues or a whole box. Based on a true story, One Litre of Tears is considered a classic. It makes other dramas weak, because every moment of it is captivating and is truly One Litre of Tears, because you are going to end up crying about a litre of tears.

My Lucky Star
Reason For Feature:
My Lucky Star is one of those dramas which makes you cry and makes you laugh. It is considered Jimmy Lin’s first modern-day drama as he mostly takes roles of the olden days. The insert songs are very good to listen to especially the most dramatic parts. There is a strong chemistry between the two lead stars Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na (who’s Korean). So twinkle, twinkle, little star how I wonder if you’re my lucky star.



Humorous and witty, with random ‘Bleach’ references, ‘Gintama’ is a masterpiece, made for the light-hearted! The story follows a samurai and his two roommates, living in a futuristic, amanto (alien)-ridden Japan. This series’ randomness and occasional moral boosts will have viewers yearning for more – this really is a must-watch!

Lucky Star

At first glance this show may not seem like much, but after watching a few episodes it begins to become quite hilariously enjoyable. This show has no plotline, but rather is a continuous display of spoofs, based on its comic counterpart. Recommended by a friend of mine, who has miraculous taste in Anime - so you must watch it!

Saiunkoku Monogatari

Based on a mixture of traditional Chinese and Japanese society, ‘Saiunkoku Monogatari’ tells a story of a determined young girl, who indulges herself into the affairs of her country’s emperor, among other things. Comedy, mixed with romance and a serious storyline, make this Anime definitely worth watching!

Kamisama Kazoku

In viewing this for the first time, the three words that popped into my head were: Oh My God. Yes, God, in this Anime, as well as His wife and daughter have been portrayed as a love-crazed, wacky family, to a God-in-training and his adopted angel. But don’t let that prevent you from watching this hilarious series! With a random, yet defined plot, ‘Kamisama Kazoku’ should not be overlooked!


Mika Nakashima - Sakurairo Maukoro
~ I know she's quite famous with her role as Nana Osaki, I do, however, really like to hear her sing ballads, jazz, etc. types of songs. I had a really hard time choosing a song from her to feature since I am quite impressed with several of her songs. I ended up choosing this one because the MV is really beautiful and has a very touching story in it. It is a really great song.

YUI - Life
~ Ah, the cute and lovely YUI. She's young and lively. I enjoy watching her playing her guitar, singing her song. With her sweet voice, here I present you with -- life!

Epik High - Music Is My Life ft. K. Will
~ I'm actually new to Epik High music, but I'm liking the beat and tune of the song. It's a pretty nice video. ^^

.OST. - Exit No.6 | Sodagreen - A Little Love Song
~ Two recent uploads of mine; these are not very well-known movie/band on CR. This is a new movie that came out in early in May starring Eddie Peng and Ethan Ruan. This band has been around for a little while, and is gathering more and more attention due to their amazing song writing talent and a pretty refreshing music/band style. This band is also known for its lead singer's high vocal range. About the two MVs: you can find interesting movie clips in the movie version, and very nice graphics in the artist version. Both enjoyable. ^^

Golf-Mike - Fight For You
~ I first saw them when they were teamed with Yamashita Tomohisa as GYM promoting in Japan. They seem to be pretty nice guys. I haven't featured Thai artists before, so here you go~ ^^ This video has some nice stunts.



Still not sure what to watch or listen to? Want to know more about something to help you decide? That’s what our reviewers are for! They’re here to give you their unbias opinion on anything from the latest band to a classic anime!
If you have anything you would like reviewed; feel free to ask. ^-^

Snow White
Also known as: Taste Sweet Love

Episodes: 16
Broadcast Period: 15/03/2004 to 04/05/2004

Recommended for: Romantic types, people who love a happy ending
Not recommended for: Unpatient persons, cause it can be a bit draggy ^__^’’

Kim Jung Hwa as Ma Young-hee
Lee Wan as Han Sun-woo
Yeon Jung Hoon as Han Jin-woo
Oh Seung Hyun as Jang Hee-won
Jo Yoon Hee as Tsukihara Nako

Snow White is a sixteen-episode K-drama, well, guess what genre? Romance and comedy of course!

The story is about a girl named Ma Young-hee (Kim Jung Hwa), who is in love with her best friend, Han Jin-woo (Han Jin-woo). They’ve known each other since high school and met while Young-hee saved him from a bunch of guys who were bullying him. She has been in love with him ever since. Jin-woo, however, isn’t aware of her feelings and only sees her as his best friend. For example, he introduces his girlfriends to her.
Whilst on a trip to Japan she meets a young man. Her first impression of the guy isn’t really good (playboy, skull-earring). She ends up wandering drunk on the streets and he takes her back to his apartment. The next morning she wakes up in a strange apartment sleeping next to him! Young-hee accuses him of raping her, although he didn’t do anything (second impression: pervert). Before she can press charges, he runs away with the government officials chasing him because of an expired visa.
When she returns to Korea Jin-woo asks her for a favour: to take care of his little brother, Han Sun-woo (Lee Wan), but he’s the guy she met in Japan! Young-hee lets Sun-woo stay at her place (because of her love for Jin-woo) and things are getting complicated and funny, since Young-hee and Sun-woo are both very stubborn. Things heat up when a high school classmate is courting Jin-woo. What is Young-hee going to do? And will things work out for her and Sun-woo?

I personally think it's a decent drama. I liked the first episode, it was hilarious but the drama gets slightly more serious after a few episodes. Not that all the drama didn’t entertain me ^_^ *spoiler* After Young-hee had a make-over she becomes a bit too serious, which was a turn-off, I liked her more when she was clumsy and ‘ugly’, the haircut was already enough to make me laugh. *spoiler*
I also noticed that her wardrobe became better after she lost her glasses and she became a whole different person. Jin-woo irritated me in the beginning, for not realizing Young-hee's feelings. I think it would have been better if they kept it like the first episode, then it would’ve been something like My Girl. The ending was cute, but it could’ve been better cause they it was a bit too cliché, but I guess almost every drama ends like that ^__^

Cute, entertaining and a bit dramatic
Final score: 3 ¾ stars out of 5 stars


Letters from Iwo Jima - Movies [Drama] Review

Here I am again with another drama review...well, movies review, but close enough. I'll keep this short and somple so I don't bore you to sleep.
Let's start off with the basic synopsis, shall we? (I suck at coming up with plot summaries of my own so here's something I pulled from
"The island of Iwo Jima stands between the American military force and the home islands of Japan. Therefore the Imperial Japanese Army is desperate to prevent it from falling into American hands and providing a launching point for an invasion of Japan. General Tadamichi Kuribayashi is given command of the forces on the island and sets out to prepare for the imminent attack. General Kuribayashi, however, does not favor the rigid traditional approach recommended by his subordinates, and resentment and resistance fester among his staff. In the lower echelons, a young soldier, Saigo, a poor baker in civilian life, strives with his friends to survive the harsh regime of the Japanese army itself, all the while knowing that a fierce battle looms. When the American invasion begins, both Kuribayashi and Saigo find strength, honor, courage, and horrors beyond imagination."
Ah, that was a wonderful description from Jim Beaver, no? *applaudes*
Now getting to the point...
First of all, I would rate this film a 5 out of 5. Why? 'Cause in my opinion, this film was as exquisite as it was powerful. I enjoyed the entire plot and storyline of it. I normally watch war movies where the Americans were the stars and heroes, but this film took me to seeing World War II from a different perspective. Sure, the Japanese may not have won this war, but what they had was something most of the American soldiers did not possess, honor. They had the honor to fight under their emperor and found it more honorable to kill themselves than getting killed by the enemy.
I'm not sure what much else to say, but I do recommend you see this film if you ever get the chance. There's just so much intensity and action that you just can't keep your eyes away (but do feel free to blink once in a while).
For you Arashi fans, the actor for Saigo is Kazunari Ninomiya.
And remember, if you are one of those people who aren't comfortable with seeing men blowing themselves up with grenades, watch this with an adult.
PS: Have a tissue box ready for the ending. It was so beautiful, I cried a Hudson River.




For an entire week I listened to nothing but this band after stumbling across them. Lol, I feel a bit shallow for this, but I first became interested in this band after seeing a picture of the vocalist (those of you who know me know I definitely have a thing for guys who wear glasses). Mmm. He's beautiful and his name is Hayato Kobayashi. He plays bass as well. The other two members of the band are kentaroyd (guitar) and Shingo Wakaki (synth). According to them, their music is a fusion of Jpop, techno, & electronica. Recently they released their first album, IMAGINATION.

cyotto: This song is a bit on the longer side: 6:07. It's also fairly mellow. The opening for some reason brings to mind a barren landscape or a setting like The Persistence of Memory. For the past few days, I've been trying to think of a band to compare these guys too, but I really can't think of one. I absolutely love the chorus. It still retains that mellow feel, but there's a melodic quality to it and it's so beautiful. The music all throughout the song is great; I especially enjoy all the electronicy-type sounds. I could definitely see myself falling asleep - in a good way - to this song. The higher vocals = love.

IMAGINATION: If you're a fan of hard, screamy music, this really isn't the band for you. I don't really want to say that this song is harder than cyotto, because their music isn't hard at ALL, but it's not as lullaby-ish as the previous song. It's still a mellow song, just a bit more upbeat. Their music has an ethereal feel to it. I love it. There's a beautiful, surreal, dream-like quality to their songs.

☆MANIARC★: This song is easily my favorite of the three. This one is definitely harder than the previous songs. It also heavily features a techno-ish sound, something the previous two songs didn't. Also, the way it's sung is extremely sexy. omg. ♥ This is the song of theirs that constantly gets stuck in my head; it's terribly catchy. :)

To piece

God, I love to piece. to piece consists of Hinata Yuki & Mikami Ryuto. They both do the vocals & it sounds amazing. Their music relies heavily on the piano, which I adore. Ever since I discovered them, I've wracked my brain trying to come up with a decent genre for their music. I mentioned that piano parts are featured prominently and that their music is calming, but these aren't ballads. I sort of want to say there are jazzy elements to some songs. It really doesn't matter how I label them, the point is that they're excellent and if you don't give them a listen, you're definitely missing out.

Currently they have two mini-albums (to piece one and our way, the latter of which is their most recent release) as well as one album, PIECES OF JOY.

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I don't own any of their releases in their entirety; just a bunch of loose mp3s. However, I've chosen four of my favorites for this review. :)

Kaze ni Notte: This song is fantastic. They describe their music as pop with R&B influences. I guess that'd be a good way of describing their music. In this song, the piano takes a backseat and lets the acoustic guitar shine. I love it. ♥ Haha, when I first came across this song and saw the title, I immediately thought of Janne da Arc.

Try Again: I really, really love the opening to this. To me, it sounds as though it's building up to something; I like it a lot. They both have such sexy voices, especially the one who sings the softer parts. Mmm. Oftentimes I'll listen to a band and say that I can picture them doing anime theme songs. This time, I can't say that. I really don't see their songs working well as a theme song. & if any did happen to be used, I'm not sure what genre it would work with. Maybe something more mature..? At the end of the song, there's a part where they sing high, and it's odsogosgos yum.

Wonderful Days: Beautiful. Everything about this song is absolutely gorgeous. The previous two songs were upbeat; this one takes it down a notch. Again, I want to mention that it doesn't stray into ballad territory, it's just much slower compared to the previous songs. This song reminds me of Rainy Day by Fumido [another great song, by the way].

Tsuki no Kaze: ~*TWINKLEY SPARKLES*~ IN THE BEGINNING. AND SNAPPING. Lol, that makes me think of a boyband's music. This is another slower, softer song. There's a saxophone part, too! I'd definitely say this is more R&B than Jpop.


Magnetic North

Today’s review is about Magnetic North, an indie Asian American hip-hop group consisting of a female rapper named Theresa Vu—she’s also the first female rapper I’ve listened to that can hold her own at rap battles—and a male rapper who goes by the nickname Direct. I chose to write about this group because I thought that it will give you CR-ers the chance to experience some Asian works based in the Western world. Usually I don’t listen to hip-hop of any kind, but Magnetic North is a wonderful example of hip-hop. What do you think of when you hear the words hip-hop or rap? If you’re like me and you think of the usual 50 Cent or Eminem and generally bad rapping about booty and money, then I’m pretty sure you’ll like Magnetic North and I’ll go into why.
Theresa Vu has a wonderful voice that sounds earthy but still reflects her gritty childhood growing up in California. Derek rhymes alongside Theresa, his masculine voice complementing her softer vocals. As I said before I don’t usually listen to hip-hop, but Magnetic North touches my heart with their lyrics about grasping control of their life or about “living within the rhythm” and giving up on people who shouldn’t be in their lives in the first place. They don’t rhyme about things that don’t matter to them but they rhyme about what they truly care about, such as racism or failing at life or being caught up with drama. The beats they spit out are very nice and might be a little unusual in hip-hop, produced by Direct, consisting of a lot of classical instruments such as piano, violin, cello, and guitar.
My favourite track by this duo would probably be Drift Away because its semi-familiar lyrics and unfamiliar instrumentals holds a place deep in my heart and it just makes me sing the chorus along with Theresa. And followed by that would be So Long because of the heavy lyrics featured in this track. It starts out slow, but then Theresa and Direct start their story about the loss of a friend and how they have to deal with it. I sit and let myself soak in these lyrics because they hold a lot of weight… Right, well, in Direct’s own words, Magnetic North is basically a combination of “acoustic-heavy instrumentals with honest lyrics that hit you in the heart.” You should go out and give them a listen at their site, or watch the video for Drift Away here:

Then give me a response on what you think about Magnetic North!!


Tales of Symphonia
By: Suicider
In honor of the OVA release of Tales of Synphonia, I thought that I might as well break this game out once again and do a proper review like I’ve always wanted to do. This once Gamecube exclusive (also on PS2) brought many of us in the Americas into the world of Tales. Trust me on this Namco’s Tales of Symphonia does not disappoint.

In the world of ToS, the land of Sylvarant is suffering from mana depletion. AN energy source needed for Magic and even life itself. As the amount of available mana decreases, the amount of monsters roaming the world and the amount of humans suffering (primarily at the hands of the enslaving Desians) increases. The people now look to the Chosen One (Collet Brunel), whose mission is to bring about World Regeneration by releasing several seals and become reborn as an angel. This newly reborn angel must climb the Tower of Salvation and ascend unto heaven. Sound cheesy? Well yeah, it is your typical “OMG, there’s evil and I have to go do something to save the world,” but there is some twists and turns as the story goes along. At some point in the game you find that Sylvarant is bound to a mirror world called Tethe’alla. So long as one world is dying, the other is flourishing. Collet’s party must now find a way to save both worlds. The storyline itself is pretty obvious near the start of the game but as you go along you meet new enemies and allies who reveal certain plot points that not all appears to be what they seem.

Tales games have always used what Namco calls the "linear motion battle system," a real-time, 2D battle engine that lets you move around the field and attack foes at will. Tales of Symphonia uses an expanded version of this system that's fast, fun, and easy to master. You yourself are only controlling one character on the screen and the other party members will act according to their AI’s. However the person you want to use, AI and party are all easily interchangeable. The battlefields are 3D, so you will have enemies fanned out a bit, but your movement is still two dimensional -only forward and back- so you are aligned with the current monster you have targeted. If the enemies are clustered together close enough, you can hit several with one type of attack. The A button controls your standard melee swipes, while the B button triggers your special tech attacks. You can have numerous tech attacks mapped at any given time that correspond with pressing B alone or in conjunction with moving your analog stick in a certain direction. You can block incoming attacks by hitting the X button. Mastering blocking becomes very important, especially with bosses with huge attacks that would otherwise hit for devastating damage.

ToS has is comprised in 3 different ways: Overworld, Dungeons/Towns and the Battle Screen. The overworld itself is huge and entirely in 3-D. Thankfully, later on, more vehicles become available to you to help you in your travels across the worlds and unlike most RPGs you aren’t subjected to random battles. Instead the monsters are represented as weird looking blobs that you can choose to avoid. Likewise in the Dungeons they monsters here are also represented by their type which you could also avoid at your own risk. As for the battle screen, I’ve basically explained it already.
The art style fits the game nicely with a cartoony-anime look. Although Tales has now moved to 3D, it still recalls its 2D sprite based heritage with a cel-shaded anime art style. While everything looks distinctly cartoony, it's also very detailed. The musical soundtrack that accompanies this game is also nicely done. A lot of the music do sound the same as you’ll only be hearing two scores most of the time (one is a battle score and the other appears on the overworld), but there is a broad range of powerful crescendos, quiet melodies, and the occasional burst of techno when the time calls for it.
One of the odd elements in this game is the difficulty level. Near the beginning of the game, it throws you right into battles when you least expect it. Sometimes you finish a dungeon, and then fight the boss and just when you thought you were done, another one pops up. The later half of the game will find you getting increasingly annoying as the dungeons and puzzles become longer and tedious. Nonetheless the boss battles themselves are hard enough if you forget to level. The game is also augmented with an interchangeable difficulty setting. Should you change it, the enemies you encounter become smarter and use more powerful and devastating attacks or vise-versa.

From Left: Raine Sage, Genis Sage, Llyod Irving, Collet Brunel, Zelos Wilder, Regal Bryan, Presea Combatir, Sheena Fujibayashi

I’ve played way too much of this game. This should be my 7th time beating it and I’m still not bored of it. Another good feature of this game is that it has a multiplayer function. Your friends can control 3 other party members in battle and help you out. To wrap up, this game is a lot of fun, whether you’re solving puzzles, fighting bosses or traveling the overworld, the game doesn’t disappoint. That said, for those able to look past the game's faults, Tales of Symphonia offers one of the best experiences on GameCube (RPG or otherwise) and is an excellent way to spend those precious summer hours.
8.7/10 – Recommended

X-Box 360 Game Review
Dead Rising – When Zombies Cry…

Dead Rising, at first glance, seems to be the generic slash-em-up gore fests one would expect from a zombie game – but I was pleasantly surprised. The premise is simple – You play as Frank West, a photojournalist who, with the hopes of uncovering the scoop of the century, finds himself trapped in a massive shopping mall with an army of undead monsters. When faced with situations such as these - only one option seems plausible: killing and lots of it. The game’s most unique and loveable feature is the player’s ability to use anything and everything as a lethal weapon. And we don’t just mean GTA dildo everything, we mean everything. Weapons range from MAC 11’s to baseball bats to large novelty lipstick props. Our personal favorite is the lawn mower or the battle axe. And the chain saw’s hard to beat. Anyways, Moving on…

With every light there must be a shadow, and thus Dead Rising is not a perfect creation. The aspect that players find the most irritating would be the on-screen font – as much of the game’s dialogue is done in a text box at the bottom of the screen, but even though vital information to the plot is never revealed in this way, the illegible font size allows much of the game’s witty or interesting lines to become lost in translation. Another weak aspect of the game would be its irritating and often pull-your-hair-out-screw-this-flippin’-game-frustrating save system. There is only a few save points in the entire game, one slot to save in, and a heap-load of zombies in between you and it. This means that it is very possible for you to have completed a very difficult or time consuming task, only to be eviscerated on your way back to the save point. In addition to this, the entire storyline is time sensitive, meaning that if you have saved the game without giving yourself enough time to get to a case file, you are forced to start the game from the beginning and hate yourself forever. Even though the game allows you to carry Frank’s current skill level over to the fresh game, it is still an irritating chore to start from scratch again.

On the whole, I give this thrilling tale of survival horror an 8.5/10. The game’s great and even buy worthy but it leaves the player with a sort of bitter taste in the oral region, mostly because the game’s few little bugs and annoyances take away from its overall enjoyment. But again, on the whole, if you like killing, blood, more killing, and a butt load of flesh-eating zombies, you’ll have a good time.

By: Suicider - Recommended 8/10


Our article writers have a wide range of interests between them and will create anything from horoscopes to news articles for your enjoyment. Any ideas for what you would like to see here are welcome! Also; we may be bringing out a Help Section so send your problems the The_onigiri. They can be real or made up for a laugh ^-^. Just say if you don’t want your name to be mentioned!

Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran is a country in the Middle East whose prime minister is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Iran has been trying to become a nuclear power for some time now. They have been making advances with their nuclear program. The United Nations has seen Iran’s nuclear program and is worried because Iran threatens to use their nuclear power in an attempt to destroy several nations like Israel. The International Atomic Energy Agency has released a report on Iran’s nuclear status. They believe by June of 2007, that Iran may have at least 3,000 centrifuges operating. They also estimate that in about nine to eleven months; that Iran will have 25kg of enriched uranium, just enough to make an implosion-type weapon. An implosion-type weapon is a very dangerous nuclear weapon. It is the same type of weapon that was dropped on Nagasaki in World War II. If Iran were to use one on a densely populated city; hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people could die.

The United Nations has asked Iran to halt their nuclear program. On June 5, 2007; the Iranian Prime Minister Mahmoud Ahmadinejad refused the United Nations sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program. Iran is ignoring the United Nations and making threats to other nations. The United Nations should press their sanctions even more on Iran. If Iran does manage to launch a nuclear attack, then the world is at risk for a nuclear war. I think that Iran should be made the focus of what is happening in the Middle East, and not Iraq. If a war can be avoided, then let us try are hardest to prevent it. Like most people; I don’t want to see another war. The United Nations and other world powers should press sanctions even more, and prevent a war at all costs.


Human Ignorance
The biggest no-no
“Oh why, oh why must I have the wonderful gift of knowledge? It’ll be of no importance! I’m fine as long as I’m happy. Right? Knowledge is for fools, fools only see knowledge, but I, seek happiness. Happiness will take me away, knowledge is nothing in my happiness….”

“My, oh my, what have I done wrong? Oh no, oh no, it’s was a terrible choice for me to do such a thing. Please, oh please, I wish to take this back! Wait, oh wait, I’ve got to be joking with myself. There is no way to take this back, but I must learn to prevent things to happen, I must, I must, I must! But how? “

Oh dear! These people need to be helped! I’ve got to teach these people, I’ve got to help them! These people need to know the answer to the world’s problems, the key to victory! And that my friends, is knowledge…. But wait! I must tell them of ignorant things that are commonly done in life! So they can learn from others’ mistakes, and have that never happen to them!

Making a terrible choice because of a stupid reason
“Oh no! I’m being chased by the coppers! What must I do? I know! I’ll be “smart” and shoot the cops and maybe I can escape! Hehe, the plan will work perfect. I’ll just take away one’s life, just so I don’t go to jail for a short while. How nice of me! Here I go-----

I’m such an idiot! Why did I kill the cop? Why!? How dumb can I get! Now I’m going to be in jail for life… I could’ve just let myself get caught, and have a 3 year sentence, but now I’m never going out of jail…:(“

Don’t shoot at the cops! … That’s one of the dumbest thing you can ever do! And to prevent you from even getting arrested, just don’t do anything illegal guys…. It’s not that hard. And it’s not nice to kill others… especially when you go to jail for a life sentence because of it too, and for a pretty dumb reason.

How NOT and How to take revenge, IF you ever have to

“Jaylie, you keep picking on me… you never stop!! I’M TIRED OF YOU!! You’ll see who’s the last one laughing in the end…. You’ll see…. EVERYONE WILL SEE!!! This isn’t a joke anymore Jaylie. I’ve had it with you… I’ve had ENOUGH!!! I’m going to KILL you---

Ahahaha, Jaylie… See who’s the last one laughing.. DO YOU SEE! Nobody is going to mourn your death… NOBODY!”
[Hint: Jaylie was killed, and the killer is in jail for life.]

Now guys, lets talk revenge. There is a good way to take revenge, and there is a bad one. The bad way is to take one’s life or make the permanently disabled. You’re supposed to take revenge the most humane way possible. Don’t kill someone over being made fun of, just don’t kill people for revenge. If you have to take revenge do it in a way that won’t cause permanent/long term damage to them/others they care about. Let’s all be as humane as we can, without losing ourselves, and being the one to be laughed at. Take your revenge, as humane as you can, murdering someone/something is NOT the answer.

My cause is great! If I fight for a good cause, nothing will go wrong!

“I dream of the perfect world, the perfect world only. Where all are happy, and the world is great. I want to help create a place where all can live happily… I will fight for the cause---

I know! I’ll expose them to the things they hate, the things they currently despise, and maybe they’ll get used to it right? I know it! My cause is perfect! It’s a high step, and I’ll fight for it! If we all reveal to them, show them, that nothing is wrong with it, if we all dance around them with the things they hate that shouldn’t be hated, they’ll get used to it! They will I just trust in my heart they will, How can anyone be so dumb?”

The cause may be great but sometimes people fight for their causes in all the wrong ways. Why not let them live with it normally, and not invade their minds will your cause. Some of the times, if you rush them with “the cause” they’ll think “the cause” is just ignorant crap, led by crazy people. Just don’t do an insane crazy rush to scare them, and hopefully not get too crazy and make people discriminate “the cause” because of the way you’re displaying it. Sometimes, some things need to be left alone, and let the minds of people individually realize it for themselves… so they don’t discriminate on how you’re shoving it down their throats like a mad man, and for “the cause” to not turn on you either! >:O

I’m stupid and I don’t care if I am!

“HEHE! I’M STUPID :D! It’s what I am! It’s me! I’m stupid! Tehe… I don’t care if I’m stupid. I just want to have a fun time, and not care about the people I bother. I don’t care! I don’t, I don’t, I don’t! If I live life, and have a great time it doesn’t matter, right?

What!? I thought we were best friends, how could you, how could you say I’m annoying? Why don’t you want to be my friend anymore? It’s because I’m stupid? What’s wrong with that!? I’m myself, I’m stupid, but still myself…”

Lets not embed stupidity into our personalities, it’s not good to be a complete idiot, you’ll just get yourself and/or others hurt. Ignorance/stupidity isn’t an “awesome” thing, and you should have no pride in it. You need to learn from ALL of your mistakes, and not show off how dumb you are. Not that many people like it, and if being stupid if what you are, you’re living a poor life… Being smart is a good thing! If you’re smart you’ll be able to avoid many problems, in life and of course help others avoid them too! Intelligence will in the vast, vast majority of cases never get in you in trouble, it’s the lack of intelligence that does get you in trouble. And if you’re “intelligent” being cocky isn’t the “intelligent” thing to do.

Well that’s a wrap for this article! I hope you’ve enjoyed, and hope you ladies and gentlemen enjoyed this article, and that you’ve learned some things from this article! Intelligence is the way to smack ignorance back into it’s hole!

~This has been an article by HokiePokie of “The Onigiri” - The unofficial Crunchyroll magazine!

Dating 101

More and more, the youth of this age are jumping right into relationships and skipping a very important part of the process of courtship: dating. Dating allows for two people to get to know one another through various activities [such as dinner, movies, shows, parties, or just plain conversation] and will give each person insight on whether the other is compatible with them or not. However, it's become a trend to skip this phase all along; few may stay true and go through the rituals, but many simply "go out" with each other (boyfriend/girlfriend, boyfriend/boyfriend, girlfriend/girlfriend) and find out that they are absolutely not compatible, fight, and break up. Now teenagers will most likely bring this with them into their adult years unless they are shown something new. That is what this is for.

Chapter 1: Finding Someone And Asking For A Date A very basic act. All there is to this is looking around you and finding someone that you find attractive. This part is mainly based on physical traits. That being said, never leave the house thinking that this may never happen to you; always, to an extent, fix yourself up. That means deodorant. Now it is your choice whether you want to ask a complete stranger or someone you know very well, or someone very much in the middle; the last is the most suggested as you have some sort of common ground with an aquaintance and allowing freedom from the "He say/she say" of friends [(as in if your friends know him/her, its more likely that rumors are to arise; not all bad, but can be complicated).]

Now comes the hard part: striking a conversation. Abruptly jumping to "Will you go on a date with me?" hardly works. One must catch their attention and find out a little about you. This also lets you gather important information, such as if they are in a binding relationship or not. Whether at a bar or at a club, a party or a small get-together, you and whoever your choice is already have something in common. You are at the same place for the same reason, so a conversation should not be too hard. Pick up lines are not always a bad thing. If you are going to use them, stay away from the lame innuendos and stick with the classics and cheesy ones. You might be able to get a smile or maybe even a laugh, but anything to break the ice will do. Remember to introduce yourself, mind your toungue as s/he may find things offensive, and smile! Some conversation topics: why they are there, who do they know, and what they do for fun. Body language is important; fidgeting and constantly looking around are signs of impatience. Simply keep your eyes on the other person, but do not stare! Especially at a specific body part. From there, build on to other topics and remember to LISTEN.

Now it is time to part ways. If you two really hit it off, then asking for a date should be easy. "Maybe you'd want to go and insert activity here [(avoid forward and vulgar suggestions at all costs!)] sometime." To dinner, a movie, hang out, whatever you please. At this point, they would either make a suggestion and make plans, or simply say yes. Either or, you ask for a way to contact them, preferrably their phone number. Myspace sites are a big no-no. Exchange digits, do not forget the "It was a pleasure to meet you," or other polite closing comments and leave. Now if s/he comes up with an excuse as to why she refuses to give you her number, then it means you did not impress her enough and it happens; all you can do is brush it off and move on.
So you have got their number, but it is not time to relax; the challenging part is up ahead….

The American Health Care System

In this election cycle, pretty much every single Democrat is running with a policy favoring universal healthcare. Despite the fact that I live in a rather prominent and wealthy area, many of the people I talk to support this policy. I fail to see how making our system so universal will be helpful to us, but I also am a bit biased in this regard. I plan to go to med school, for example, and med school costs $45,000 per year, where it used to cost a fraction of that. Malpractice costs are also going up higher. Yet at the same time, the amount of lawsuits are going up as well. Basically, even though I may seem to be making $150,000 per year, on average, one must account for taxes (40%) and all the other things, which means that most doctors (not your brain surgeons) make about $60,000 on average. Compare that to someone whom gets an MBA and goes into Wall Street, whom would make four times that and not have to deal with insurance nor three more years of schooling.

Universal healthcare promises to give good healthcare to the poor. This is a good thing. However, by doing so, either taxes will have to be raised to extraordinary levels, or doctors aren't going to get paid very much. With such "incentives", why would people want to go into medicine, or if so, to practice in the United States? The more qualified doctors will simply go into other countries, such as those in the Caribbean, and rich people will still be able to get top of the line treatment. The lower classes will still not get very good health care, and the middle class would lose a lot more. Consider Canada, where non-critical operations (such as a broken leg) have a waiting list of up to 18 months. Is this what we want to have in this country?


From Haruhi to Konata - Why people enjoy Lucky Star
By: Suicider

Well I’m pretty sure that many people were wondering what Kyoto Animation was going to do next after Kanon 2006 (Sad girls in snow). Well the answer came to us in the form of Lucky Star. Of course many people out there initially thought, “What the crap, a Haruhi rip-off?” (The Op is still epic btw) Now this brings about an interesting point. Lucky Star, for the most part, is what I’d like to call an “attention whore.” The different elements that go into the show are there for the sole purpose of getting people to go “MOEEEEE” and the like. I’m going to have to say that it started with Haruhi – but even then, most of the humor was self-contained and more as a result of the eccentricities of the characters rather than the things they do. Most of the time the jokes and punchlines come from references in different anime, like Initial D or Shuffle. However, it doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s a large part of the humor. The other side of it is stuff like Lucky Channel or Konata’s perverted dad… those entirely self-contained original bits of humor. It’s confusing to me, really, as if the show didn’t know which way it was going. Lucky Star is definitely capable of original humor and yet seems to settle back into the referencing as a sort of “instant gratification” type deal; because the producers know that it’ll get a response. You know, whoring.

Motteke! Seifuku! – From left: Hiiragi Tsukasa, Izumi Konata, Hiiragi Kagami and Takara Miyuki

I believe the skeptics of this show will agree with me up to this point. But that’s where the similarities end – call it a difference in perception of what the “image” of the show. The thing is that this show isn’t trying to have multiple sub-plots and in-depth characters that create twists and turns all over the place. The point is that the show is just spouting randomness for our own amusement. It’s just an enjoyable anime to watch and have fun while watching it. My god, it’s just supposed to be a relaxing, charming, and cute show that is funny because of some of the random nonsense that the characters talk about. This is what I see KyoAni is doing. They aren’t there to tell me what I should like; they make stuff that I already like and can enjoy immediately. Call it whoring, cheap marketing, or just understanding its audience, but this down-to-earth in-your-face approach is just the thing I like.

If you have been convinced to watch this anime then convert to Kona-ism and check it out.

Your Fortnightly CrunchyRoll Horoscopes
brought to you by the mystic powers of The_Onigiri

What does your starsign say about you?

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Prudent, careful and disciplined, Capricorns have a need to do things right and therefore become caught up in methodical way of doing things. They look for efficiency in their efforts and don't usually venture into unfamiliar territory without first investigating and testing to insure that it won't the wrong move. They have a lack of self-confidence which actually helps them succeed because it causes them to know every detail of what they are undertaking before they proceed. Patience is Capricorn's virtue.

This month’s prediction: Working efficiently will do you no good this month. The weather is changing, and with that comes a lack of work ethic. But you’ve worked hard the entire year, so enjoy your few weeks off.

Aquarius 21 January - 18 February

The word independence was invented to describe the Aquarian. This friendly and idealistic person needs to maintain freedom of self which appears to some as aloofness. No getting in a tight relationship because Aquarius needs to be everyone's friend equally without attachments. They are future thinkers

This month’s prediction: You will find yourself in a predicament this month, as, perhaps, there is more than one person with their eyes on you. Tough decisions will befall you, so make the right choice when that time comes.

Pisces 19February - 20March

Where does the dream world end and reality begin? Pisceans live in both at the same time. They avoid the reality of their mundane daily life and participate in their fantasy. Their imagination allows for a highly intuitive and creative talent that they use with little concern for their daily existence. Friends and family burn the self-sacrificing Pisces' time and energy and they wonder why they're so tired. However, they remain committed to being a friend to those who need them. They tend to follow the leader, allowing others to do the thinking for them.

This month’s prediction: The time to begin your dreaming has returned, but this may cause others to wonder what your actions mean. Don’t worry about what other people think, only be yourself.

Aries 21 March - 20 April

Arians have a tendency to act like a dynamo of energy when they set their mind on achieving some goal. They can sometimes act so quickly that they later discover that they should have put in just a little more thought before starting. Action and achievement are important and slow pokes that get in the way, watch out! Aries may step on your toes. Aries enthusiasm rubs off onto others and they get involved in something, others are ready to follow. Selfishness, which sometimes includes a need to control others, tarnishes their otherwise positive and adventurous spirit. They need to have empathy and concern for the needs of others. As a lover, they are passionate, giving and enterprising.

This month’s prediction: Last month was a hard month for you, but now things are finally looking up. You may find yourself with more free time than you know what to do with, so make good use of it!

Taurus 21April - 21 May

The warm-hearted Taurus is equipped to listen to someone's problem and then give them the advice they need. They are patient and very persistent in arriving at their goal in life. In fact, they are so stubborn that once they've made up their mind about something, nothing short of a nuclear bomb can change it. With friends and mates, they tend to be jealous and possessive. However, Taurus will lavish emotional and financial attention on friends and loved ones to a fault.

This month’s prediction: It is time for that change, and you are completely aware of it. Whether you’re coming or going, you know what you’ve got to do. But don’t rush. You’ve all the time in the world.

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

The fear of boredom propels most Geminians into almost constant activity and participation. They have a need to communicate and stretch their mind with ideas and this is demonstrated with a schedule of activities that would wear-out anyone else. They take pride in using their logical and mental abilities in solving problems and performing tasks. Geminians tend to know a little about a lot of different subjects but not to any depth. This makes them somewhat superficial, however, this is the quality that gives them the adaptability for many varied tasks.

This month’s prediction: There is a difference between being knowledgeable, and being intelligent. Although you’re aware of this, you’ve been giving yourself a hard time lately. Lighten up, as the inevitable will take you where you’re meant to go.

Cancer 22 June -22 July

Cancerians need to learn how to keep themselves from being sucked into everyone's emotions. They have a natural empathy that causes them to worry too much about everyone else's problems and feelings. They are highly sensitive and tuned in to 'feeling' which is the making of a good psychic or medium. They are sentimental and thoughtful, and in regard to loved ones, highly protective. Their moodiness causes them to be on top of the world one moment and down in the pits the next.

This month’s prediction: Although you may feel that it’s about time you had some ‘me’ time, someone close to you needs you right now. As the saying goes; ‘Treat others how you yourself wish to be treated’. Your selflessness will be rewarded in time.

Leo 23 July -23 August

They are generous and warm-hearted and have a natural organizational ability which they tend to push on others whom they feel need some re-ordering in their lives. They feel they know best and when this is challenged, tend to take it personally. Their natural fun loving vitality is contagious and affects those around them. They have a tendency to be interfering and bossy, even pompous and need learn that others have valid opinions also. They are enthusiastic and have a creative ability which must be expressed.

This month’s prediction: Take a step back, and review your current situation. You may not be happy with what you see, but it’s alright because you have the power to change it. Once you know you’re satisfied, sit back and relax.

Virgo 24 August - 22 September

Virgoans are modest, reserved and practical. However, this does not detract them from engaging in lively discussions to express their thoughts and ideas. They are hard workers inclined toward efficiency and little tolerance for nonsense. They can focus on the smallest of details in both their conversations and this causes them to miss the big picture. Because of their penchant for perfection, they can become indecisive, not knowing where is 'good enough' and elevated nervous energy drives them into a fit of worry. Many relationships are damaged or lost when Virgo can't control the urge to criticize and complain.

This month’s prediction: This month may hurt a little. Things just won’t be going your way, and it’s going to get you flustered. But never fear, your friends and family are there you listen when you need to talk.

Libra 23September - 23 October

Always struggling to keep peace and harmony in their lives, Libras try ducking out of an argument, avoid taking a side in an argument or saying something that might hurt someone. They'd much rather switch that fight which leads them to be accommodating, diplomatic and solution seeking individuals. In order to keep the balance and peace in their lives they switch positions on issues, much to their own and others dismay. They are easy-going, sociable, indecisive and gullible. They don't like loneliness and like to be around people, however, not too many.

This month’s prediction: You may feel a little lonely this month, but it’s ok, because you’ll bounce right back and prove everyone wrong. It’ll take minimum effort, so try not to rub it in their faces.

Scorpio 24 October - 25 November

The psychology and personal nature of the Scorpio person lays hidden deep within an inner sanctum safe from the prying of the rest of the Zodiac. Here is the collector of information whose eyes and mind can penetrate through the talk and behaviour of others to probe far below looking for motives and purposes. This is the master detective at work, incognito and proud of it. No need to let anyone know what's going on within, Scorpio knows, and that is all that is important. A keen ability for analytical thinking makes this sign a problem solver.

This month’s prediction: You’ve let something slip about yourself, which you didn’t mean to. This is making you uncomfortable, but you underestimate how understanding others can be. Give them a chance, and they’ll give you a chance.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21December

Enthusiasm, optimism and a yearning to enjoy life to the fullest identify the Sagittarius. A blind optimism and undisciplined exuberance cause the Sagittarius person to become careless and reckless in his dealings with others. With an eagerness for the future, current projects go unfinished in favour of something new. They are honest and dependable, but, sometimes too blunt with their observations and comments even though there is not a bit of malice intended. Some thought must be given to what impact Sagittarius' remarks mean to others and then apply discipline to achieve a degree of tactfulness.

This month’s prediction: Optimism is difficult for you at this time, but you are not alone. Everybody has been in, or will go through your situation at least once in their lives, and it’s better to get it over and done with now, rather than let it drag on for a long time.


Our interviewers are on the prowl! Any volunteers to be interviewed or suggestions? Do you dare? ^-^

Kris07 on Mushroomjay

Kris07: Are you really 14?

Mushroomjay: Yes. Need pictures?

Kris07: Yes! Everyone'll love it.

Mushroomjay: Too bad, maybe later. More questions.

Kris07: lol, That's fucked up. Anyways, I'm sure we all know you're wonderful with computers (me from personal experience), but what about other subjects?

Mushroomjay: I pwn at everything. If it's new to me I'll master it in four hours.

Or less.

Kris07: Really? Wow. What's your IQ?


Kris07: Really? A-mazing! But seriously, from the way you boast, my guess would have to be 150-160.

Mushroomjay: IQ is only common sense and basic logic.

Know that and you pretty much have it done.

My actual IQ from fifth grade was 112

Kris07: I figured that out too. What grade are you in now?

Mushroomjay: Ninth grade.

Kris07: Easy, Hard? I shouldn't even be asking that question should I?

Mushroomjay: I don't do work I don't want to.

So neither.

Kris07: Me neither. Okay on to CR relations. Why do you always seem so.......mean, in your posts?

Mushroomjay: The best way to deal with idiots is to beat them in every way possible.

Sadly I can only use verbal abuse on CR, so, yes. That is why.

Kris07: Makes sense. If you could pwn anybody on CR who would it be?

Mushroomjay: Hm... This will require some thinking. *sips tea*

Nothing personal.. But everyone. Except the mods and people on my buddies list.

And maybe you, maybe I won't pwn you.

(Editor note: O_O we’re all doomed! Ruun! ^-^)

Kris07: Why not the mods?

Mushroomjay: They can process thought.

Kris07: And there isn't anyone else on CR that's not in your buddy list that can do this?

Mushroomjay: Hardly.

They can probably process thought at a minimal and minor rate. Possibly like that of a hard-drive with Windows on it; however they both will never funciton fully to it's ability.


Kris07: lol, Once again, that's fucked up. And I know that this may be a stupid question for you, but what is your disposition with Windows? And please, please, be detailed.

Mushroomjay: All right, finally someone asks this.

Windows has a very good concept.

An easy to use point & click operating system that operates the way it is told to with no actual work. However the concept was twisted by Microsoft when Windows95 came out and they decided to scrap all their decent and smooth working code for some jumbled up shit.

Next theres the average Windows user, they usually don't pay much mind to the computer itself, just what they want it to do. Which it usually does. However the average person being a total moron (see: doesn't realize the consequences of a simple to use and easily managed OS. A magnificent example is Windows ability to install without prompting, now, we all know Vista's big bad feature that stops executable files from being executed without your propmt, however, did Microsuck bother realizing that most viruses aren't even displayed in .exe (Windows executable file) format? Most operational viruses (many of which I have made) are encoded into .mp3 files, and other things of that sort.

Anyway, back ontopic about the average user;

They do not know jack-shit about how a computer even works.

It's not some magical box that just does shit when you tell it to.
It requires resources to process that shit, and space to store that shit.

Something doesn't come from nothing.

Now, onto more flaws. The installation process? Last time I checked I needed to put one or two commands into the terminal and BAM I've got my program ready to use in two seconds.

Not five minutes.

The install process in Windows goes in this fashion:
Receiving the file.
Pre-caching the data needed to transfer the data.
Loading the data needed to be transferred
checking if the data exists
if data does exist, it will install with your approval.
during the install, it de-compresses and unpacks the files to set destination.
next, since this process literally ATE RAM (Random Access Memory) you'll need to restart your computer to use it efficiently.

Now, once again; the concept of Windows is good, but the way it was made.

Utter shit.

Kris07: Wonderful. Now I understand your pure hatred for.......what was it? Oh yes, "Microsuck". And for the computer illiterates out there would you mind explaining what this terminal is?

Mushroomjay: As you probably know, the command line in Microsuck Winblows (probably your operating system) is an old eighties application which allows the user to do the work manually. However, the Terminal in most Linux OS's (occasionally with a varying name) is pretty much a total replacement for the visuals.

The terminal allows you to do ANYTHING with the computer you wish. It won't limit you to installing programs, pinging websites, booting programs, and things like that from waaaaay back when. The terminal also controls the base aspects of a Linux system. Allowing you to change/morph your computer to whatever you wish.

Example: My Desktop isn't a desktop, it is a rotating sphere (controlled by dragging it with the mouse, using the on-screen pad of arrows, or using the keyboard's arrows.)

I liked the idea of a 3D desktop from previous Linux distributions, I attempted, and succeeded at making it a much more visually appealing environment. (there are also several designs for the sphere, anti-aliased/not, clear-water, wave water, dripping liquid, liquid metal, snake scale, ABC gum.) As well, you can place your own image on it, however if it isn't .j3da then it won't be supported with animation. (example of animation is that the dripping liquid is a ball of clear-ish liquid that had droplets of water falling from it's bottom.)
593 cr points
Send Message: Send PM GB Post
In your hearts =P
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
Basically, I morphed the entire basis of the computer into something else with the terminal.

Kris07: Thanks for the lesson. Maybe this can be part of The Onigiri in its self. And is there any particular reason why you sent me three PMs?

Mushroomjay: Connection problems.

Page didn't reload but it accepted the command three times, my fault.

Kris07: Something seems to have happened to the rest of the interview.

Mushroomjay: Yes. Just work off the material I gave you and resume the interview, hehe.

Kris07: Well what was your answer?

Mushroomjay: To run the website besides Shinji and myself?

Hiker. Best website manager ever.

Kris07: Who's Hiker?

Mushroomjay: He's managed about two or three websites in the past, his first with around 10K users, his second with about 200K users, his current 800K users.

Kris07: Wow. Were you a part of these sites?

Mushroomjay: Just a user.

Kris07: Wow. I really want to keep going, but I think this is long enough. Don't you?

Mushroomjay: I guess so, feel free to drop by another time for another interview.

Kris07: Or maybe just a casual chat?

Mushroomjay: Either or.

animestudz on BasouKazuma

animestudz - Do you mind being interviewed for The Onigiri? Well if you do we will be relaying PM's for an interview for The Onigiri. You Game?

BK- Yea I'm ready.

animestudz - We'll start off how our last interview went; Do you enjoy modding at CR?

BK - I suppose so. I think I get more of a feeling of accomplishment than actual joy. I didn't become a mod to make friends, I did it because I knew I was capable of helping out the site.

animestudz - That's the way to be.
During our last interview with red she told CR that she stopped enjoying moderating, have you ever felt that way before...not enjoying doing your CR duities?

BK - During the school year I had basically had no time for anything but School, Work, and CR. I was waking up at 5am and going to sleep at sometime past midnight almost every night. So I got fed up when some of the other mods weren't helping out. I barely got my school work done by the end of the semester and even then I had to do a rush job on some of them.

So that would be the only time I don't like moderating, when I'm being overworked.

animestudz - Are you talking about mods like Fuzzmaster, he seems to have disappeared from CR =o.
So, how are you and red getting along? Living the happy married life?

BK - Yea, that would include Fuzzmaster. At the time, basically only Mauz and I were taking care of the forum. The other mods combined were only doing a fraction of the work for various reasons, not to completely condemn them.

Right now Red's taking a week off from the internets but things have been going well. We basically talk to each other on AIM or Skype whenever we have free time. We both would like to meet each other though we're not sure when that will be possible. Overall I'm very happy with her.

animestudz-You haven't met each other and you have gotten married, was it an telephone marriage? Well its good that your pleased with her.
How do you feel about putting up your picture on CR, Do you feel fangirls will be running after you? :lol:

BK- We got married in an IRC chatroom where some CR members were invited. It's not a real marriage! We have to meet first. :P

I only had a handful of people comment on my picture when I posted in the Pictures thread. So I guess I have nothing to worry about. It's not like I'm that good looking anyway.

animestudz - Hahaha, well hope your life goes on well man.
Hope you had a great time, thanks for the interview.

BK- Thanks, hope this interview promotes sex and violence for all that read, cuz we need more of that. I :P


CR is full of budding artists! Here’s some great submitted work from staff and freelance ^-^

Below is a graphic piece created by AmySophamish. It’s so cute! Notice the subliminal messages :P

Here are 2 great and very original paintings (?) by x0needlesandguns0x ^-^

Haha, this one should be funny! CrashAriMP5N2O is creating trading cards for the various members of CR! Embarrassingly he chose to do me first!

Geisha umbrella attack! Mwhahaha! ^-^

Now I introduce you to our new artist Josey who is making comics each issue! These are related to some of the well known bits of CR so if you’re not regular; you might not get them! Just enjoy the pretty pictures!

(Editor note- It’s not true! Ok, yes it is but shhh.)

This one wasn’t meant to be published; but it’s up here anyway! I’m sure the males of CR want to feel that we know of their pain :P


Firstly it’s finally time to see the solutions for last week! How did you do?

Solutions to Puzzles by Henz_lan:

Spot the Differences


A1. 9 It is the next number in the sequence of pi.
The first most likely number would be 1.

A2. Brostles are corners.
Brongs are sides.
The object is a triangular based pyramid.


Solutions for Puzzles by AmySophamish:

Easy Sudoku:

Med Sudoku:

Hard Sudoku:

Word Search Answer:

Now time for the new puzzles! I’ll be trying these myself this time too! Everyone join in and help!


Wordsearch - amysophamish

Sudoku Easyamysophamish

Crossword ~by Henz_Lan


5 Take the coat from the choir stall and it becomes louder and higher (6)
7 Treat the dogwood right and get a bon mot. (4,4)
9 Saw a skit in a muddle leading to Nazism. (8)
10 No gel in the leavening for Austrians. (6)
11 They hide in sergeants etc. (6,6)
13 Mr. Pete gets angry. (6)
15 Delicious Tart. (6)
18 Everyone in a slice of the pie. (6,6)
21 Note about the rope. (6)
22 Above the view gives a better impression. (8)
23 Brazilian Tarsan saint. (3,5)
24 Tug USA messily this month. (6)


1 Get naked under heaven before landing here. (8)
2 Protest, one put in vegetation. (6)
3 Keep out of the red by moving the beret off the conveyer-belts. (8)
4 Holders worsen wrongly. (6)
6 This bird is stared at. (4,4)
7 Good Distance for the Park. (6)
8 Said in a Circus?; "Right, I point good!" (4)
12 Frightened island with portion of mouse. (8)
14 Metal, precious stone and deum, say. (8)
16 Gum Alice gave is sticky substance when stirred. (8)
17 Escort. Concert left in nothings. (6)
18 Soon do not sue the uppermost twist. (6)
19 Look and have looked, going up and down. (3-3)
20 Lots of plasma is a girl, say. (4)

Spot the Differences ~by Henz_Lan

Same as last time, there are 5 differences. Can you find them?

Brainteaser ~by Henz_Lan

So, this one is a little harder, so I only put one this time.


The evil dictator of a small banana republic [no political offense intended] had found out that one of his lieutenants had lied.
The punishment was to be death.

"I will teach you not to lie," said the evil but, it seems, illogical ruler. "Your last words shall be one sentence. It shall be a sentence that can either be a truth or a lie. If you tell the truth, you shall be shot. If you tell a lie, you will die slowly on a small fire."

The prisoner's reply caused so much confusion and delay that he got away with his life, though some died trying to work out whether he had lied or told the truth.
What did he say?

N.B. He did NOT remain silent!

[Thanks to V. Serebriakoff]

(Editor note- *looks up* I don’t get it!! Ahhh!)

Riddles with AnswersOnezub
(for those who can’t cope with the stress of waiting 2 weeks for the answer!)

Q: What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?
A: Your Name.

Q: When one does not know what it is, then it is something; but when one knows what it is, then it is nothing?
A: A Riddle.

1- Your name
2- A riddle

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That’s it for Issue 2! We all hope you enjoyed it and we would love feedback and suggestions! ^-^
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Have a great 2 weeks! ^-^
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27 / M / Moving around or...
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
LOL okay, i skipped the boring anime and games stuff and headed to the horoscopes and interviews ^^ pretty nice...
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Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
Stickied. How about interviewing non-mods next time? Just a suggestion.
Ok I just had to skim through it real quick because my laptop battery is about to die. It looks so awesome. I see your work has improved. Good job guys =D
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31 / M / Aboard the Hyperion
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
This will be an exciting read! What a huge jump from Issue 1! ^_^
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In your hearts =P
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
@mauz - We discussed that today ^-^. Both interviewers vanished so we needed a last minute one- mods are on more often ^-^. We have some ideas for non-mods to interview in the future issue so don't fear! ^-^

@Ari - i know! 2 posts! Eeek!
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
It's so beautiful!
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27 / M / Toronto, CA
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
Enjoy people!
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23 / M
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
thx for second its awesome
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30 / F / Michigan, USA
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
Even better than the first! I love iiiiit! The interviews were good, oh and the Mauz comic? Definitely made me "lol" =P!

There's a couple typos and such though, and I think the answers to the new wordsearch puzzle was put up instead of the blank new one
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Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
great work everybody ^_^
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In your hearts =P
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
@doomy - haha i was trying to work that out too! Amy accidently sent the answers. Sorry; it will be sorted soon!

If readers can point out errors it would be great ^-^. This is a messy 32 pages of letters and codes so it's very confusing! ^-^

EDIT to below: If the codes are easily found; could you send them again? It would be easier than comparing the old issue etc. You did send me the same thing twice though ^-^
EDIT - oh you read my mind! Thankyou! ^-^
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Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
i'm sure i sent you both answer and the new one

i'll PM it again ^_^
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36 / M / Texas
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
Good job.
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New York
Posted 6/13/07 , edited 6/13/07
Sweet! Always exciting to see my article in there
And as for everything else, really fun to read
Cheers for the Onigiri.
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