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Fanfiction title: Scenic Route [Oneshot]
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Even though Yukio has enough keys to get them anywhere they would want to go, Rin likes to do things the normal, old-fashioned way sometimes. So he begs, pleads, and wheedles until Yukio agrees to ride the subway with him and come along to the latest comedy movie at the theatre. Yukio tried to convince him earlier that it would be at least six times faster his way than the way of the subway, but Rin was having none of it.

So now here they were, pressed chest-to-chest on the overcrowded subway train. Yukio holds on the hand rail and Rin holds on to him, because there's not enough room for his hand to go up there too. Every stop, shudder, and stutter of the train bumps them against each other and the people around them. It drives Yukio nuts.

"Never again, Rin, just so you know. This is not worth it," Yukio mutters, looking down at his older brother.

Rin just grins up at him. "It will be! Have a little faith in me, dear little brother."

Yukio rolls his eyes and stares out of the window for the length of time it takes to get to the next stop. It's when another four people squeeze onto the train there, jostling everyone around them, that Yukio gets an idea that absolutely will make this specially formed torture worth the pain. Rin is already pressed flush against him, so it's easy to slip his arm around his brother's waist. Nobody sees it. Or, if they do, they don't care enough to look his way.

He sees Rin look up at him questioningly out of the corner of his eye, but he doesn't acknowledge it. Instead, slowly, he bunches up the edge of Rin's shirt until his fingertips touch bare skin. Rin starts against him. It's a tiny, barely-there movement, but with the closeness of their bodies, Yukio could feel it just as well.

Rin's voice drops in pitch. "Yukio, what are you…?"

His words taper off completely when Yukio's fingers brush against the base of his tail. Rin inhales sharply as a little electric shock of pleasure zips up his spine. Yukio looks down to see the start of a fierce blush creeping up on Rin's cheeks.

With a smile he says, "Something wrong, nii-san?"

Rin averts his eyes. "N-no."

At the next stop, three people get off, but five people fit themselves into the car to replace them. The shifting to allow the people on and off the subway forces Rin to rub deliciously against Yukio. It will take every ounce of his discipline to remain the one in control.

It's a challenge to himself that Yukio accepts eagerly.

Yukio plays with the base of Rin's tail, rubbing the pads his fingertips gingerly over the soft hair. Rin shivers against him and then whispers quickly, "Stop that!"

Yukio pretends to not understand. "What are you talking about?"

"Playing with my, with my! You know!"

Rin's voice rises on the last words and he quickly clamps his mouth shut. He's never been good at being prudent and now Yukio won't even acknowledge that he is playing with him! He growls, just a little, and pinches Yukio in retaliation. Yukio shies away from it the best he can without alerting the people around him.

A shame, really. Yukio had it in mind that he wouldn't push his brother too much.

Yukio reaffirms his grip on the hand rail above him and with his free hand he begins stroking the bits of Rin's tail he can reach discreetly. With the way they are packed together, Rin can't do anything except lean further against Yukio, which only worsens his situation. Each of Yukio's touches pool hot and heavy in his stomach and his cock reacts in turn, thoroughly interested in Yukio's manipulation of him.

Rin buries his face against Yukio's neck in an attempt to hide his flush and the quickening of his breaths. He wants desperately to grind against Yukio, especially because he can feel his brother's cock hard against his belly, but he tries his best to keep himself still instead. The stop-and-go movements of the subway hardly help. It takes every scrap of willpower Rin has to bite back his moans, but he almost loses it completely when Yukio whispers in his ear.

"You were right, nii-san. This is worth it."

Just when Rin can't take it anymore and he thinks he's going to come all over the inside of his pants, the bell for their stop sounds and the subway comes to a grinding halt. As soon as the doors open, Rin bolts out of the car and up the station steps. He gets a few odd looks from the calm and collected people around him, but Rin isn't satisfied until fresh air hits him, cooling his heated body. Yukio is seconds after him, just as red in the face as he is.

"You," Rin starts. He takes a few deep breaths before turning to face Yukio. "Are evil. Pure evil."

Yukio pushes up his glasses and smiles at his brother. The mischievous twinkle in his eye hasn't yet faded. "So you keep telling me."

Rin huffs, and then he's back to his non-flustered self. "Come on, we're gonna be late at this rate. I don't want to miss the previews."

Yukio nods and they set off in the direction of the theatre. Yukio is sure now that Rin will let him use his keys from now on.

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Fanfiction Title: Let Me Be Your Downfall Baby

Chapter 1: Didn't Have To Throw A Damn Stapler At Me.

An uproar of pointless chatter assaulted Yukio from all sides as he swaggered through the corridors of True Cross Academy. He inwardly tisked as he watched the uniform clad girls gather like ants by the big bay windows, squealing to their hearts content.

A new transfer student at True Cross Academy was not rare by any means, yet they all acted as if this guy was a teen idol of something; it highly confused and annoyed him.

"Where is he? Where is he? I don't see him yet!"

"That's because your big head is the way Ami!"

"Oh shut up! You're the one hogging the window!"

He almost told all of them to go back to class, he was a prefect after all, but what good would that do? They would continue with their boarder line abnormal watching.

With a quicker pace in his step and the pushing up of his glasses, he left all thoughts of the squealing girls behind him and went deeper into the less habitual part of the school, where bright warm crème colors transformed in to dark reds, purples, and black.

He rounded a couple of corners, stopping in front of a huge mahogany door. He straightened his posture, gave his shoulders an experimental roll, and brushed off his school uniform with a couple flicks of the wrist. He knocked three times, just like how he was asked, and heard distant chattering inside. Two voices to be exact, one was unfamiliar, and Yukio knotted his brows in confusion. They sounded happy as one gave an obnoxious laugh.

"Yukio? That you? What are you doing on the other side of the door! Come in!" Mr. Fujimoto's voice bellowed out. Even with the door shut it echoed through the hallway.

He slowly walked in the room that oddly reminded him of autumn, keeping his eyes modestly on the floor until he shut it with a quiet little 'click'. What he saw when he looked up surprised him.

A boy, about his age, perched lazily on the front of Mr. Fujimoto's desk. He was dressed in dark wash denim jeans that sagged, showing off his flannel boxers. He wore a white leather jacket with a black dress shirt that was half tucked in half tucked out, and to finish the assemble off, a red loose tie.

Yukio visibly cringed at the boy. Was this his attempt at making a school uniform? Sorry, a tie doesn't make you look any more professional, he thought.

The boy took notice of Yukio's cringe and the toothy smile that had occupied his face turned into a calculating frown, as his eyes dark blue eyes narrowed.

They stared at one another, both measuring each other up, testosterone crackled in the negatively charged air.

Not once did Yukio think of what this boy was doing here, in his bosses' office, he actually forgot that he was there himself. There was just something about the boy that didn't seem right that just set him off. The way he came off as cocky and arrogant, Yukio thought, had something to do with it.

"Have something to say four eyes?" The boy said. His voice was low, threatening. Yukio had to repress the urge to roll his eyes. He gave a half assed laugh, as if to say, 'really? That's the best you got?"

Before he could make his own witty comeback, a tense cough alerted him back into his surroundings. He blushed slightly as he remembered where he was and in whose presences he was in.

Clearing his throat and pushing up his glasses he maintained the professional Yukio that everyone recognized. He rounded his sight onto Mr. Fujimoto who had a faint knowing smirk on his face. Yukio could feel other eyes bearing into him, but ignored the compulsion to stare daggers back.

"Sir, you asked to see me?" Shiro leaned back into his chair, as his fingers intertwined on his desk.

"Ah, yes Yukio, I wanted you to meet and get acquainted with True Cross Academy's new transfer student…my son."

That's when he couldn't help but to look at the boy. This couldn't be- "Your son?" He looked back. "Wait! You have a son!" The person in question slyly smiled, enjoying seeing Yukio confused.

"You both look nothing alike." This- thing couldn't be related to a guy like Shiro Fujimoto! This delinquent looking thug couldn't-

"Yukio Yukimura, meet Rin Okumura, my son."

Yukio told himself that he had to look stupid with his mouth agape, but he couldn't help it. He was supposed to room with this-guy?

Light laughter filled the room. "Geez, now he's gonna start drooling everywhere." Rin hopped off the desk and threw himself into one of the plushy chairs in front of Mr. Fujimoto's desk. "Nice to meet you too, Yukio Yukimura." Rin said sarcastically. Yukio ignored the barb, and sat down also in one of the plushy chairs.

"Why didn't you tell me? Did you even tell anyone?" He asked quietly, he felt betrayed somehow. He never got told of this 'sons' existence, not like he would want to know now. Shiro shrugged his shoulders like never telling anyone you had a son wasn't that big of a deal.

"You never asked."


"Better deal than what I got, all I ever heard about growing up was Yukio this, Yukio that, give me a fucking break." Rin spoke up, playing with the ends of his unruly navy blue hair as if they were the most interesting things in the world.

"At first I was like, 'No way! No one so badass could be a dorky four eyes-Ouch! What the hell was that for!"

Shiro had thrown a stapler that hit Rin right in the middle of the forehead. A red whelp had even already begun to form. Rin rubbed frantically at the red whelp. "That's probably gonna bruise you crazy old man!"

"Watch your mouth Rin. That's no way to talk in front of a guest or, in a matter of fact in school now that you're enrolled. I don't need you getting kicked out of this one."

Rin murmured something under his breath as he crossed his arms and huffed out a frustrated breath. "Didn't have to throw a damn stapler at me."

"Yukio I apologize in advance for my son's crazy antics, but there is a reason why I am asking you to be his… guardian of sorts." Rin mumbled something under his breath again, something to the effect of, 'guardian my ass'.

"Rin is special, as well as being a trouble maker. He knows that this school is not just a school and he knows about demons, he can see them. Not only do I want you to keep an eye on him when I can't, but I want you to train him to become an exorcist."

Yukio was speechless, he taught students and handed out exams, but to actually train. He didn't believe he was that good.

"Sir I'm not sure if I can-"

"I know it's a lot to have handed to you but I believe that you are the best for Rin to learn off of and from."

Yukio was still skeptical, but nodded his head in agreement. If Mr. Fujimoto thought he could do it, then he would try his best not to let him down.

"I'll do it sir. Your faith in me is very flattering."

Shiro clapped his hands together in joy as he gave Yukio a huge smile.

"Thank you Yukio. I greatly appreciate it." Yukio nodded in acceptance, his ego swelling in pride.

"Now what are we going to do with you troublemaker?" Shiro addressed his son with amused mocking arrogance. Rin shrugged, his hand propping his head up with a tilt, a look of pure boredom written on his face.

"I don't know-send me off somewhere actually cool."

Shiro's face morphed into fake mortification. "Are you saying that this place isn't cool? It's the coolest place on Earth!" He gestured out with his hands.

"Whatever you say old man."

He smiled fondly at Rin, like a father would, and it truly fascinated Yukio, as he had never had one.

"Sir, are we done here? I have a class to teach in-"He looked casually at his watch, "fifteen minutes and my classroom is at the other end of the school."

From the corner of his eye he saw Rin visibly stiffen. "Old man-please don't tell me-"

"Rin, meet one of your new teachers!"

Rin looked horror stricken, his cheeks turning slightly pink.

"But, but- I'm older than him!" Rin pointed his finger accusingly at Yukio. It was Yukio's turn to look horror stricken.

"You? Older than me?" Yukio said astoundingly.

"Yes me older than you!" Rin snarled back.

Shiro must have thought the exchange was hilarious, as he was hunched over clutching his stomach.

"You boys don't want to be late to class do you?"

Yukio shook his head, staring daggers at the old man. He had a very worrying feeling that things were about to change. What he couldn't figure out if it was for the best or worst.
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whoa...:O ~~ IKRONICA i have to say im beyond impressed with your work..sorry it took me too long to reply...but this is should be a yaoi novelist// man im soooo~ proud of you..words cant express're rly talented..:) Plz write more..i cant believe no one hasnt read this mean of them.....I seriously love that story of the okumurua felt so realistic..i could imagine it in my mind....:D KEEP MAKING THESE KINDS OF POST..I LOVE IT..and im not just sayin that to push your button..:p
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can I be in the story
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