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27 / M / The OC
Posted 5/31/12 , edited 6/1/12

obeylelouch wrote:

The entire COD series is terrible. The hit detection is horrible and EVERYTHING is inconsistent. HALO has it beat hands down and always will. 4 shot body 1 shot head...every time. If your looking for a more realistic game than halo: bf3.

Yeah maybe your right, maybe your wrong. but haterz gonna hate. people only play cod because its just fun, even if its unfair at times and because games go by alot faster than either BF3 or Halo. I once played a BF3 game that lated 45 minutes! and even in that game people were just camping or attempting to fly jets into the ocean. Yeah COD has many faults, but who cares. it still fun
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23 / F / England, UK
Posted 6/6/12 , edited 6/6/12
I loved Black ops, i didnt really like MW3, but i think Black ops 2 looks crap and looks like a major disappointment
Posted 6/6/12 , edited 6/6/12
From the looks of it they are trying to expand on the usual linear single player formula of the previous titles. It's a good thing because there really isn't much you could do with the COD multiplayer since its always going to be the same shit, so instead they're focusing on single player.
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Posted 6/6/12 , edited 6/7/12
I used to think black ops was a terrible game. And then I played MW3. One of the few times I've seen a game go that far backwards with quality. I don't see the series beating battlefield for my favorite until they make the game more tactical.
Posted 6/7/12 , edited 6/8/12

Angeloidchaos wrote:

i'm ont buying a COD game ever again, the 8 year old kids that think they are really good screaming into the mic about ending there 6 man killing streak then go crying or something .....battlefield dosnt really have this problem because the 8 year olds cant work the jets
on top of that no annoying kill streaks, no camping, noob tubes are less powerfull, graphixs dont look half bad, more like a war than anyother game has managed to achieve,

COD (6/10 imo)
Bttlefield (8.5/10 imo)

though the truth is i dont like shooters too much anyway <_<

Shooters have no 'real' story

I agree... I want a good story which is why I'm sticking with Halo... But I never really liked Halo multiplayer... For good multiplayer I'm sticking with Battlefield...
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Posted 6/9/12 , edited 6/10/12
They really should of stopped after MW2 that was really the last good COD game there was. I bought MW3 and that was a big waste of money only ended up playing it for a few weeks then went back to BF3 and i not really a fan of either series and as for halo, 3 was the best reach i cant stand because of the special abilities.
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Posted 6/17/12 , edited 6/18/12
And despite this the opening day of MW3 was the most successful release of anything...ever... It's absurd. Fans are simply too willing to buy the game for them to give a care about the quality of it.
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