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can i have your opinoin on somthing
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Posted 3/7/12 , edited 3/7/12
You gotta get addicted to something else most likely, I got addicted to anime and manga but in the end I don't think you can ever fully give up on gaming. Even till this day I can't refuse when someone asks me to play a game with them or even just to watch/help them beat it. These tips probably do work because if I remember right I did start playing RPG games and stuff before I got addicted to anime.
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Posted 3/7/12 , edited 3/8/12

zeroblackcat wrote:

ok i want your opinion on something because i been stewing on these for ages
now first off i am a gamer i play video games allot well used to! for 3 years! i havent committed to playing a game and beating it! but if i do try to beat the game i get bored of it and skip all the scenes and make the game feel like a chore !
i keep buying new video games over and over must of had over 200 in dollers of video games witch i gave away and the same cycle goes over and over i cant play a game anymore is what i am saying

so what is your opinion am i sick of video games? and if so what the hell can i do now ! i like manga anime and making manga lol but i never do that becouse im trying to beat video games


am not tired of games and there is somthing more going on..

can somone please help me these is getting annoying!
i know these might sound easy for some people to figure out but i played video games since i was a child and i don't know what els i could do then play games even my father suggest i am getting tired of games becouse i buy so much video games..

Personal threads are against the rules.

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