Linkin Park
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Posted 3/8/12 , edited 3/8/12

Chester is Charming, Cool, Cute, Emo, Friendly, Funny, Hawt, Handsome, Rock-ish, Sexy & Sweet While He Has Flatten Chest, Sexy Muscle, Hawt-tish Body, Wonderful Tattoos, Rock Earrings, Awesome Hairstyle, Cute Pose & Fantastic Voice...
Chester Charles Bennington + Linkin Park =

Linkin Park
Chester Charles Bennington [[ March 20 ]] American Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Lead Vocalist, Actor

Michael Kenji "Mike" Shinoda [[ February 11 ]] American Musician, Record Producer, Artist, Rapper, Principal Songwriter, Keyboardist, Vocalist & Rhythm Guitarist

Bradford Phillip "Bradley" Delson [[ December 1 ]] American Guitarist, Lead Guitarist, Backing Vocalist

Dave "Phoenix" Farrell [[ February 8 ]] Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Rob Bourdon [[ January 20 ]] Drums

Joseph "Joe" Hahn [[ March 15 ]] Korean American Turntablist, Keyboard, Director, Backing Vocals, DJ & Samples
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