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Resident Evil.
The name conjoures up pictures of zombies,biological monstrosities and sinister locations doesnt it?
Well get ready to get thrown right back into it all again!
Capcom and game developers Slant Six Games have teamed up to bring us another slice of survival horror and set right back in the place where it all began...Raccoon City.

The difference this time is that the game is primarily set around the activities of the' Delta' team of the Umbrella Security Service ( USS ).Their mission is to eradicate ANY and ALL evidence of Umbrella Corps wrong doings..
The game is set between the events of RE2 and RE3:NEMESIS. Your team will have to fight its way through a burning city full of zombies,cops and more in order to carry out their mission.

Here they are, the ruthless members of USS Delta team (nicknamed the 'Wolfpack')
Bertha=Team medic
Foureyes=Field scientist
Vector=Stealth specialist
Lupo=Team leader and assault specialist
Beltway=Explosives specialist
Spectre=Designated marksman and recon
As you can see the team members all have a unique charachter to them and look every bit the ruthless and merciless Umbrella commandos that they are!
Each trooper also has a special skill set that will compliment the team as a whole.

I mentioned above that the game primarily revolves around the USS delta team.Well thats not entirely see as the Umbrella team goes about their nefarious business there is another set of players in town.
The US govts Special Operations Force 'Echo-Six' have been sent to retrieve evidence of the Umbrella Corporations evil activities.
Enter..Team 'Echo-Six'

Left to Right:
Partygirl=Designated Marksman and recon
Dee-ay=Team leader and assault
Shona-=Field scientist
Tweed=Demolitions specialist
Willow=Recon specialist

Not only is there the single player campaign to work through-with both sides,but there is also a four player co-op mode. During the online multiplayer games you can unlock extra abilities and weapons for your charachters.
The co-op games will centre around the Umbrella guys versus the US govts Spec Ops team.
The trouble is,there will also be zombies to contend with as well as the opposite you'll have to keep your wits about you!
If you are injured and start to bleed heavily you'll attract the unwanted attention of the undead..find cover and use teamwork to survive..
If the worst comes true and the zombies manage to get hold off you, try and shake them off..if you fail youll be bitten and infected! Eeek!!
Once infected the other zombies will ignore you..but your health drains until you turn into one of the undead.
When this happens you'll attack your teammates and have to be shot to respawn!

But fear not..not only do you have a huge arsenal of guns,you also have a pretty good line in hand to hand attacks and a knife attacks!
The eagle eyed amongst you wll think " Hey,that looks like Hunk!"..thats because it is!

Another game mode is 'HERO MODE'..where you get to control a number of charachters from previous games!
Hunk,Ada Wong,Nicholai Ginovaef for the bad guys and Leon Kennedy,Claire Redfield,Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliviera.
There is also a new Umbrella operative called 'Lone Wolf' to add to the roster as well.

One final mode is 'NEMESIS MODE' which is an Xbox360 exclusive. It revolves around the teams fighting over control of an area,and the possibility of also controlling the Nemesis himself if they can find and guard a ceratin computer! I can imagine this particular mode will be pretty intense!

I think this game is looking pretty special-indeed ive got mine on pre-order!.
The idea of being able to control the shadowey Umbrella troops is excellent,and the US govt spec ops guys are also really cool too.
The multiplayer sounds fun and with all the sorts of features youd hope for..and some amazing sounding game modes to boot. It remains to be seen how good the gameplay is,its up against stiff competition with games like 'Gears of War'.I believe it has enough uniqueness and its own fanbase to be a sucess.

If you havent watched any of the demos etc on Youtube then i would highly recommend that you do so.
Its a good looking and sounding game..lets hope that we are rewarded with a truelly great experience when its released!

RELEASE DATES:2012 PS3/Xbox360
March 20th-North America
March 22nd-Australia
March 23rd-Europe
April 26th-Japan
Windows-May 18

PS- Let me know what you think people! Id like to hear your thoughts on this game :)

**All images property of Capcom and Slant Six Games**
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