Kickstarter Project; Story of Two Japanese Potters
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Posted 3/8/12 , edited 3/8/12
I came across a documentary that is trying to get made by donations from Kickstarter. The maker of the documentary is the daughter of the two people being interviewed about their lives. I think you need to spend $40 dollars or more to be able to see it, because at that price range you are able to download the digital DVD -----but I don't know for sure.

"The triple disasters of March 11, 2011, shook Japan to its core. It claimed over 18,000 lives, with 3,000 still missing. Many thousands were displaced by the tsunami, and those who lived near the Fukushima nuclear reactors will probably never return home. It has been a year since the disasters but the people of Japan are still coping with the emotional trauma of that day. The disasters brought forth many truths about the power of nature, the limitations of the government, and the unpredictable nature of life. “Kasama-Yaki” is an intimate portrait of two potters, Katsuji and Shigeko Kokubo, filmed by their daughter, Yuki. Heartfelt conversational interviews are woven throughout the film, as they reflect on life, death, family, and art. The film is a journey into the minds of two individuals whose outlooks were inevitably touched by the disasters, and a glimpse into the heart of Japan. "

If you are interested in the lives of two rural Japanese people this seems pretty interesting.

(if links are not allowed, then search Kasama-yaki (Made in Kasama) in Kickstarter.)

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