[2012 J-Drama Special] Akujo ni Tsuite
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Posted 3/9/12 , edited 3/9/12
Sawajiri Erika to return to television with drama special “Akujo ni Tsuite”

Sawajiri Erika (25) will star in a drama special on TBS titled “Akujo ni Tsuite,” it has been announced. This will be Sawajiri’s first time acting in a television drama (not counting mobile TV) since a special episode of “1 Litre no Namida” in 2007.

“Akujo ni Tsuite” is an adaptation of a 1978 novel by the late writer Ariyoshi Sawako. The novel was a masterpiece of its time, and it was also notable for having a television drama airing as it was being serialized in a magazine.

Sawajiri plays Kimiko, the main character of the story who has died. Although the title implies that it is a story of a “wicked woman,” the original novel was divided into 27 chapters, one for each “testimony” by someone who knew Kimiko at some point in her life, providing a range of perspectives on what kind of person Kimiko was.

Sawajiri’s supporting cast has not yet been revealed, but expectations are high given the novel’s reputation and history.

“Akujo ni Tsuite” is scheduled to air on April 30.
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Posted 4/14/12 , edited 4/14/12
Sawajiri Erika finishes filming the drama special “Akujo ni Tsuite”

On April 13th, it was announced that actress Sawajiri Erika had finished filming her first TV drama in five years.

Sawajiri’s first TV drama (since a special episode of ‘1 Litre no Namida‘ in 2007) is a live-action adaptation of Ariyoshi Sawako mystery novel “Akujo ni Tsuite“, which will air under the same title on TBS later this month.

The drama portrays 25 years in the stormy life of a very talented businesswoman called ‘Tominokoji Kimiko’, who is often being labeled as a ‘queen of affectations’ or a ‘devilish woman’ by the people around her. ‘Kimiko’ gains an enormous amount of wealth during the rapid economic growth of Japan and possesses an incredible charm that men cannot resit. In fact, she has relationships with three men at the same time. Even when she becomes pregnant, she continues to toy with them and tells each of them that they are the father.

The drama starts when she’s at the age of 15, featuring Sawajiri in a school uniform again, and ends with her mysterious death at the age of 40.

She commented about her role, stating, “You cannot simply describe her as this or that kind of person, which makes it a very deep drama.” Moreover she revealed that she was very intrigued by the original novel, and together with director Tsuruhashi Yasuo, she discovered that 90% of the role’s image, she already sees in herself. “However,” she said, “I cannot think of parts where our lives and actions are overlapping right now, but it still felt very natural to play as her.”

She also added, “Everything went incredibly smooth and the teamwork was great. It was a really great project.”

“Akujo ni Tsuite” is produced by Yagi Yasuo, who has already produced many hit dramas such as ‘Uchi no Ko ni Kagitte…‘ and ‘Papa wa Newscaster‘. He also stated, T“here wouldn’t have been anyone more suitable for this role than Sawajiri Erika.”

TBS will air “Akujo ni Tsuite” on April 30th.

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