Post Reply Aika's message to Ai Takahashi
Posted 3/15/12 , edited 3/15/12

Aika: Aichan, Congratulations on graduating

Aichan: Thank you

Aika: It’s been a while since we stood on stage together. My heart is beating very fast right now. In these 3 years, it’s been a while, or rather it’s been a long road… Watching Aichan, I’ve been able to absorb and learn a lot of things. I want to continue to learn even more, but before we know it, it’s already graduation time. Not being able to spend time together, and learn together, I felt very lonely and unhappy. But being able to stand here with everyone today for this occasion, I feel really happy. Thank you very much. I wasn’t able to participate from the first day (of the tour), finally today I get to listen to Aichan’s singing voice again. I really love Aichan’s way of performing with all your heart and expression. I hope you will continue with your goal…

Aichan: Your nose is running.

Aika: Excuse me. Your goal, I mean, I hope you will continue to strive toward your goals from now on. I really love you Aichan, I love the way you perform as well. Please continue to do your best! Thank you very much.

Aichan: Thank you!

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