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The Rebellion

The Rebellion is the group standing against everything that Ivan and his armies stand for. They are spread out from each other but are slowly being gathered together by the largest group of The Rebellion. They are mostly just normal civilians, who used to be teachers, and lawyers, and janitors, etc. Some, however, are mercenaries, or part of the now non-existent militaries that once dominated planet earth. The largest Rebellion is a combination of three, lead by four different people, three of which used to be Anti-Terrorist Units until the fall on the CTOF.

The Watchers

The Watchers of Humanity is the legacy of the Russian terrorist Ivan Von Duke. He helped an American named Richard Johnson bring it to it's power, and defiance two young Britishmen that they commanded it, until all of those others died, and he could lead it on his own, with the ability to morph the world to his twisted image with the now extremely powerful army. He split it into different divisions known as The Cult, The Legion, and The Bots. The Bots were lost quickly and the Cult deserted him entirely, only leaving him his phsycopathic allies, The Legion, as well as his basic Watcher soldiers.

Over half of the Watcher's forces are either directly controlled by, or influenced by, The Father.

The Legion

The Legion is the elite division of The Watchers of Humanity. It is lead by a mysterious man named The Father. The way a Legion member is created is to have him bathe in the blood of another, fallen Legion, as well as a single drop of The Father's blood. The Legion do not disobey a single order given to them. They do bot fear what will happen if they do, because they are no longer capable of feeling fear. The obey every order because they all share a similar view to The Father's. They have superhuman attributes and are brilliant planners.

The Legion was revealed in previous history to all be a hive mind of The Father. The Father has Legion agents everywhere. Many of said agents don't even know that they are part of The Legion.
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