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Posted 3/17/12 , edited 3/17/12
Howdy folks!! Wolf here with a great looking new game from CAPCOM.

Yep, its a fantasy medieval monster hunting adventure!
The basic premise of the game is that your village is attacked by a dragon-and more specifically YOU are attacked by the big flying lizard ( as if medieval peasentdom isnt already enough to deal with right?! )
Anyway, he grabs you,takes out AND eats your heart..and you..die..sort of.
You see, after the scaly reptilian has flown away after wreaking havoc you are brought back to life as 'The enlightened one'..and your new sole reason for being is to get that dragon back-and kill a fair few monstorous creatures along the way.

At the start you will have to choose the gender of your adventurer,your name, what class you will be and even the voice.
You will also be able to alter hair,looks eye colour etc..which is always a nice touch and helps to personalise your adventurer.

You will also be able to choose what your pawns look like. "Pawns?..this isnt chess wolfsan!"..i hear you say and right you are friend, 'PAWNS' are the helpers you will have throughout the game.
Think of them as your loyal retainers,who obey your every command and will fight and die for you if nescessary.
They also have their own mysterious backstory as they arent stirctly speaking human and they follow you because of who you are...

As far as i can find out, you will be able to create one of these pawns exactly like how you created your own adventurer,gender,class etc..which is great! This 'main' pawn will stay with you and is your alone..but the other two? Well,you can choose to have some form the game itself-of which there are many many choices OR you can use your friends pawns.
It sounds a bit weird i know,but its a pretty cool concept..youll swap and borrow pawns through a thing called 'The Rift'..and they can gain skills and experience,monster hunting info and rare jewels called rift crystals.
It is an innovative idea for certain and could prove quite popular...or not,time will tell.

Throughout the game your party can go on a variety of side quests for people of the towns and villages dotted around the landscape. There will also be a host of lesser baddies to put to the sword..ranging from wolves to goblins and bandits.
The main focus though is on the gigantic monsters of myth and legend..chimaeras,golems,the cyclops and of course dragons.
Each monster will have a ceratin weakness and its up to you and your loyal followers to find it out,and use it against these beasts.
There is a 'grab' function that let you get a hold of the monster in question and swing up onto them and attack their weak spots! Weak spots,once found out will glow purple and its up to your party to exploit this weakness and take the monster down hard by any means you can.

As with many other adventure games you will be able to fast travel to locations so as to avoid the mindless drudergy of walking ( if your lazy like me!), and there will be places to buy new weapons and pieces of armour.
The game area is said to be some 40 square kilometres which is a fair size-(but with the amount of HUGE monsters in it,not somewhere to invest in the property market!)

Overall i think its looking pretty nice..some interesting new ideas, some really nice looking graphics..hopefully the gameplay will hold its end up too.This could a great game..i have high hopes for it-and i dont usually like games with 'boss' type encounters!
Capcom have said there will be more DLC for it too-quests,armour ,weapons etc..
Theres videos up on Youtube if you want to see what it looks like in action,well worth a watch and remeber to let me know what you think!
Happy gaming! ;)

JP-May 24 2012
EU-May 25 2012
For PS3 and XBOX 360
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