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Posted 3/17/12 , edited 3/17/12
"Stop your grinning and drop your linen!" as Private Hudson once said in one of THE greatest films of all time.(Aliens)
Yep..after many years in development hell SEGA and Gearbox have finally brought us..

i for one am really pleased..i LOVE the Marines in the film 'ALIENS' and i enjoyed playing as them in 'Aliens versus Predator'..but i always felt that the lowly grunts should have had their own they do!

The story behind the game is that it basically follows on from events in the film 'ALIENS' (if you STILL havent seen it,watch it..sci-fi horror at its best). You play the part of Private Winter and are sent with the rest of your unit to find out what happened on planet LV426 and where the previous colonial marine unit disappeared to....

Needless to say, they didnt just move house without telling anyone..there are very bad things waiting for you down on the planets surface-and indeed on the previous missions spaceship the 'Sulaco'. Fear not-well not too much,as you are armed to the teeth and surrounded by some very tough hombres.

You will have access to all the weapons from the the iconic M4A1 Pulse Rifle, the huge M56A2 Smart Gun, flamethrower, shotguns,pistols,grenades..and i wouldent be surprised if there wasnt a knife in the mix to!
Also availiable is the Sentry turret seen in the directors cut of ALIENS. Its basically a robotic gun with sensors thats guards corridoors for you-very handy thing to have.

As seen above, even the Power Loaders from the films are there..hopefully we'll get to go head to head with some of the bigger aliens in one!
A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into the visuals so far..the guys at GEARBOX that are developing the game are all fans,and it shows.Its these touches,whether weapons or the dark ominous med-lab and its horrific specimen jars..its all here adding to the tense atmosphere.

So far there isnt a massive amount of info on the games different modes,but the central campaign will feature two player split-screen or four player online co-op..both are nice touches.
Virtually nothing has been said about the multiplayer mode/s yet..but they have said that kills etc in game will allow you to unlock skills,weapons and even how your marine i imagine this will carry across to the multiplayer.

One of the main features of both the film and' Aliens versus Predator' were the sound effects..the loud BRRRRRR of the pulse rifles to the elephant like screeching of the aliens all made the proceedings a lot more atmospheric and a lot more disturbing.
This game has got all the noises too.. imagine walking along those metal corriddors in the weak emergency lighting and then the motion tracker starts making its iconic pulsing KNOW something bad is about to happen..just hope there arent too many dots on the display..

ABOVE: "Get that door closed man!! quick!!!"

If you havent seen either the teaser videos on xbox live,ps3 or pc id say to go and have a look..get a hint of whats to come..and maybe look at the ten odd minutes of gameplay video on Youtube.
I think the game is shapeing up nicely,but i would like to hear more on the multiplayer modes as this could really be the difference between a great must have game and just a great game.
When i find out more folks,i'll let you know too!


ABOVE: "Lets rock!!!"

GAME RELEASE DATE: Autumn 2012 (so far..)

**All pics are property of SEGA and Gearbox**
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