off road, 4wheeling? 4wd
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Posted 3/17/12 , edited 3/18/12
any body here into the off road, mudding, 4wheeling scene? i've notice almost everyone is in the speed, racing, drifting. i was just wondering if you have a trail rig or 4x4 post a pic.
here is mine. 2001 4runner TRD supercharged... pics below are the weekend after i bought it with no mods other than the supercharger. since then i have done too many mods to list.
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Posted 3/24/12 , edited 3/24/12
I'm not currently involved with 4-wheeling, but I'd like to get back into it someday. I sold my truck a few years ago to finance the completion of my current toy. I miss having a truck ,but not the last one. The thing was just physically exhausting to drive. It was loud and it rode rough. The next one'll be just a frame with a roll cage and maybe some aluminum panels to make it easy to clean. Cleaning was the thing I hated the most about mudding.... Anyways here's what I used to own:
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Posted 6/3/12 , edited 6/4/12
Today i almost killed me and my friends in my friends Toyota Tundra crew cab, 4-wheeling with a turbo engine in a forest...
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Posted 10/24/12 , edited 10/24/12
HOLY **** someone else who enjoys off-roading!

Sadly, I have no desire to own a genuine off-road vehicle anytime soon. I continue to prefer a lifted Subaru that is only mediocre on and off-road than to get a vehicle that is either very good only on pavement or off the pavement.

Let me put it this way, I got the spirit for off-roading. But I don't want to sacrifice on-road quality for a daily driver.

Someday, just someday later on in life, I'll be able to afford a dedicated off-road truck.
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