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Posted 3/19/12 , edited 3/22/12
In this Rp Jewels wil be very important. You will need to use Jewels to do mission, as well as buying new magic. To rank up you will need spend the Jewels to take the advancment exam. You can do a lot to earn Jewels from posting Fairy Tail related Pics on the site to referring a friend to come join the group. You can also do Jobs, but the Job will have a fee to do and you'll more Jewels upon completion.

Jewels needed for rank
Guild Master: 100,000

Guild Ace: 50,000

S-Rank: 10,000

Mage Rank: 2,000

How to earn Jewels

Beating another Mage: 2,000

Joining the group: 1,000

Creating a character: 1,000

Posting a Pic: 200 per(5 max)

Refering a friend:5,000

Completing a C-rank mission:1,000-7,000

Completing a B-ranked Mission: 8,000-15,000

Completing an A-ranked Mission: 16,000-30,000

Completing a S-ranked Mission: 30,000 and up
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