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Posted 3/20/12 , edited 3/21/12
I've read something in one of the pages in Facebook:

The Philippines should be a CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY - type of government where it will be headed by an Emperor (not a King).

Why Emperor? The reason is because of the vast area of the Philippine Islands that we can consider it as an empire.

Why a Monarchy than a Republic? We need a SYMBOLIC FIGURE. Presidents and other politicians are just leaders, but they are not GUIDES. Through a Monarch, the Filipinos can look up to someone that'll guide them.

Who will be that Imperial Family? That would be the biggest challenge. Present-Day Political Family Dynasties (Aquino, Marcos, Estrada, etc) should NOT BE the Imperial Family. Reason? It might be tainted again by political madness. How about the Royal families traced from their lineage of the ancient Filipino Royalties? I DO WANT TO DISCOURAGE THAT. That was all buried in the past. Their glories were all in the past. And now, in the present, no one can assure their being of symbolic form. SO WHAT TO DO? There should be a process on it. WHAT PROCESS? A fair selection of a monarch to be elected (only once) by the Filipinos. Whoever he is (how young or old he might be), as long as he can unite the minds and hearts of the Filipino people. That is a true Monarch, a true symbolic figure, a true GUIDE :)

Please HELP ME SPREAD THIS MESSAGE if you support Monarchy in the Philippines :)

what can you say?
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