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Posted 12/20/13 , edited 12/20/13

Iveliz wrote:

MHtrStevie wrote:

Username: MHtrStevie
Message(quote,etc): MHtrStevie, Find me on the radio...

Style/Mod (optional): Soft, classic
Invite your buddies: Hai, hai~! ^_^/


Here you go I tried using the pic u gave me but it didn't really work for editing. So I got a new one. Hope you like it.

Wow~! Thank you so much, Lizzy~! It really looks nice... it's too bad that we're not allowed to have avii of a size other than the square of my current one (unless you know a way around CR's system). If you weren't aware of that, try changing your avii... the only reason why you still have yours is because you haven't changed it since the new system was implemented.

I'll at least post it in my banned avii album in my Photos section, so everyone can see your awesome work~! \^_^/
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