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Posted 5/8/12 , edited 5/9/12
Username: (In Link)
Name: (Character's Name) Yuuki Lee
Gender: (Male or Female?)Female
Age:14 and a half
Birthday: September 15
Rich or Commoner: Commoner
Class:(Choose A,B,C,D,E, or F. A is the smartest class. F is the worse.First year 1,second year 2, third year 3) A-1
(Example of Class: 3-A.)
Personality: Kind, smart, Stubborn, Brave
Hobbies: Art, Music, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu
LIkes:Animals, Art, Books
Dislikes:Animal Abuse, Greedy people
Fave host: Honey & Kyoyua
Appearance(If pic- put in spoiler):
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F / In your closet wa...
Posted 5/16/12 , edited 5/17/12
Username: (In Link)xXNenekoXx
Name: (Character's Name) Mai
Gender: Female
Birthday:March 3rd
Rich or Commoner: Commoner
Personality: A bit tomboyish, athletic, stronger than most girls, caring, sociable, unintentionally charming
Hobbies: Sports, drawing, singing(the one she doesnt want people to know about)
LIkes: Sports( mostly basketball), being active, having fun,
Dislikes: hostile and negative people, giving up without a fight
Fave host:None so far
Appearance(If pic- put in spoiler)
Posted 5/17/12 , edited 5/18/12
I like everyone character's there all so different:D
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16 / F / Beyond
Posted 6/2/12 , edited 6/3/12
nice nice
Posted 6/16/12 , edited 6/17/12
Username: hongyinyu
Name: (Character's Name) Keiko Fujiwara
Gender: (Male or Female?)Female, straight
Age: 18
Birthday: April 16
Rich or Commoner: Rich
Personality: Quiet, reserved, elite, sassy, intelligent, and caring towards her family and close friends.
Hobbies: drawing, painting, volunteering at the animal shelter, dancing and tai chi at the shrine.
Likes: To keep to herself.
Dislikes: Backstabbers.
Fave host: none.
Appearance(If pic- put in spoiler):
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F / Stalker O_O
Posted 6/19/12 , edited 6/19/12

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21 / F
Posted 6/29/12 , edited 6/30/12
Username: Pocki3
Name: Kago Niiru
Gender: Female
Rich or Commoner:Rich
Class: 1-A
Personality:Shy yet very out going, Hyper yet Lazy, random she is just very unpredictable...
Hobbies:Singing, dancing, drawing writing,sleeping, playing guitar or piano, Reading
LIkes:Pocky, chocolate, sleep, swimming,outdoors,animals
Dislikes:Butterflies....bimbos and rude snobs
Fave host: Twins...and mori
Appearance(If pic- put in spoiler):

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21 / F / ɪɴ ᴀ ʙᴏᴏᴋ
Posted 7/16/12 , edited 7/17/12
Username: chocolatelover924
Name: Yumiko Suzuki
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: July 27
Rich or Commoner: Rich
Class: 1-A
Personality: Shy, nice, quiet, nice, smart, and brave
Hobbies: Reading, drawing,and eating
Likes: Cake, puppies, sweets
Dislikes: Commoners, talkative people, and loud people
Fave host: Twins
Appearance(If pic- put in spoiler):
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19 / F / at Ouran Academy
Posted 11/11/12 , edited 11/11/12
Username: lilly_lovesKyoya
Name: Lilly Gulzar
Gender: Female
Age: 15, like my twin Rose
Birthday: March 20
Rich or Commoner: Rich
Class: 2-A
Personality: not like her twin at all. mean, cold, evil, mysterious,
Hobbies: finding info on everyone, writing in my black book with lilies on the cover, keeping tab on people
Likes: music, her twin Rose, swimming, playing the flute
Dislikes: rule breakers, snobs, people who bully my twin,
Appearance: (me on the left with blue eyes and Rose is on the right with headphones and purple eyes)
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23 / F / Maine, U.S.A
Posted 11/11/12 , edited 11/12/12
Username: rose_lovesMori-senpai
Name: Rose Gulzar
Gender: female
Age: 15
Birthday: march 20th
Rich or Commoner: Rich
Personality: Rose is, sweet, very strong, prankster, loves messing with her twin, Lilly, cute, outgoing, loud, bubbly, silly.
Hobbies: Eating sweets, doing cosplay with her twin, writing, reading, and pranking, playing the piano.
LIkes: Cake, pocky stix, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai, her twin lilly pranking random people, running around, drawing, reading stories, playing with stuff animals specially bunnies, listening to music, singing, lollipops, basically anything sweet.
Dislikes: spicy things, lobelia people, people making her upset, people making her twin upset, people ruining her pranks
Fave host: Mori& Honey-senpai
Appearance ( thw one with headphones and purple eyes)
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